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Wild Mass Guessing for My Little Pony in general.

Guesses for other generations or series:

Humans are the source of all evil!
Or, more specifically, humans are the source of the "villainous" entities in the Ponyverse. The Talesverse lacks both humans and the frequent assaults of said villainous entities. As both continuities are set in an explicitly magical universe, it could be argued that humans somehow subconsciously generate the evils when in an area with magic. In fact, one could conceivably do some Arc Welding and say that at some point between the two series, humans were barred from Ponyland specifically because of this trait....
  • Actually, compound that: Some humans (mostly female) did not want to leave. So, they consented to being turned into ponies themselves! Morphic Resonance allowed them to manipulate objects with their forehoofs...
    • That's plausible, after all, Ponyville was founded by Earth Ponies, and everypony in My Little Pony Tales is an Earth Pony.
      • Though Unicorns appeared in "Up, Up, and Away". And in the slumber party episode, they tell a story which is not only implied to be true all along, but seems to take place during the G1 cartoon.

G5 will recieve tons of hate from butthurt male fans regardless of its quality
Pretty self-explanatory. In fact, I'm sure this definitely will happen to some extent.
  • However, there's a possibility that a lot of people will transition to G5.

Glory and Moondancer are married
They did have a porcelain called "Wedding Prance" where they appeared to be getting married.

Reeka and Draggle's father is the Moochic
The Moochic and Hydia are on the same vague power level, and are about the same size. And it's not as thought there are many humanoids around Dream Valley.
  • Why would the Moochick let his own children be abused? Wouldn't he show complicated emotion when told about the witches and the Smooze, if the witches were his ex and daughters? He is absent-minded, but he's not stupid or evil. Precisely because he isn't evil, Hydia would not have mated with him. The only way he could be the father is if he were to have switched sides, which would explain the daughters not moving in with him - as they would probably have been told he was dead if he did so, but it's still a stretch. And because the Moochick and Hydia are the same size, the daughters are too tall to have much genetic possibility of being both of their daughters, especially Draggle. Even with recessive genes and mutations, Megan's size would be about as tall as Draggle could be. Besides which, there are other humanoids around Dream Valley, and there is nothing indicating Reeka and Draggle's father is still nearby or even alive.

If Hasbro creates a new My Little Pony movie, it will be a Human-Focused Adaptation due to Executive Meddling
The human involved would either be Megan from the G1 cartoons or an Expy thereof.
  • Hasbro plans to release a MLP movie in 2017. It has yet to be revealed whether or not a human character would be featured.
    • If a human character does show up, I hope it's Megan.
    • All of the above has been Jossed. It's a movie set in the Friendship is Magic continuity.

G1 ponies have ridiculously short life spans (by human standards)
That's why we rarely see background ponies more than once.

Winking isn't so much teleportation as it is the unicorn equivalent of a Flash Step
Think about it. One of the downsides of winking is that a unicorn can't wink through walls or through nets, when theoretically they should be able to. One can conclude, then, that when a unicorn winks in or out, she's really just using her magic to give her an extra boost of speed. Since a unicorn can't walk through a wall at her normal speed, it makes sense that she wouldn't be able to wink through one, either.

The different generations are set in a series of alternate worlds similar to the The Legend of Zelda timeline
The fourth generation is what would have happened if Firefly had never found Megan in the human world in the first generation pilot. Subsequently, Tales is what would have happened if My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's Mane Six had failed to defeat Discord in the second season. The third generation is what will happen if the Mane Six fail to stop Starlight Glimmer in the upcoming fifth season premier.

All generations are in the same continuity and together form one long timeline.
After the events of the original specials and series, tensions started to grow among the three sub-species of ponies, leading to the earth ponies splitting up from the unicorns and pegasi and forming a new society inspired by Megan's descriptions of her own world, overtime building a new nation in the image of what human's would recognize as a modern town with knowledge of magic and the other tribes eventually turning into legend and their members being seen as "alien" by the earth ponies. This was the world of My Little Pony Tales.

But unfortunately, an unknown disaster struck that drove the earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi out of their old homes and lead to them having to colonize a new area with the survivors of the mysterious disaster briefly crossing paths for first time in ages, only to once again part ways and set up three settlements and different parts of this new land, just far enough away for them develop over a few generations while still remaining more or less isolated from each other, until they finally started to regular contact with each other again for the first time since Dream Valley, throughout the event of My Little Pony G3, beginning a new era of unity.


This new unity would sadly not last however, as another series of misfortunes struck that lead to the unicorns having to devote most of their magical energy into keeping the very Sun and Moon into orbit and the pegasi had to become increasingly militant to protect this new civilization from outside threats while the earth ponies were stuck with doing most of the minimal labor. Over the years this new system would create increasing gaps of inequality with both unicorn and pegasi beginning to see themselves as superior to the others thanks to their role in insuring the survival of their species, while seeing the earth ponies as little more than peasants to do the jobs that weren't worth their involvement. This lead to rapidly growing resentment of among the three tribes, leading to the events of the first Hearts Warming where Windigos, fuel by the ponies' own hatered for each other drove the ponies out of their home, forcing them to learn how to work together for their survival and founding Equestria on the principles of kindness, generosity, loyalty, honest, laughter, magic, and most of all, friendship.

G5 will feature humans.

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