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This is where you can discuss your wildest ideas of this crossover of RWBY and My Hero Academia

    Setting and Crossover WMGs 
One For All originally came from Ozpin.
  • Just like the Seasonal Maidens' mantles, Ozpin bestowed it on someone worthy of it, and, having learned his lesson with the Maidens, gave much more thought as to how it would be passed down.
    • The fact that All For One still exists in this timeline would seem to invalidate this theory.
    • Additionally, it took eight generations for the power (which grows stronger with each generation) to reach the point that Word of God confirms that the eighth bearer of the power has the ability to fight a Maiden on an even footing. While one could argue that as an immortal, Ozpin could have been looking ahead if he made One For All, it would have taken at least a century or two to get to the point where the power would be worth the wait.

Toshinori was not originally part of Ozpin's Conspiracy.
  • Rather, Ozpin asked him to join after he became the Symbol of Peace, at which point he learned the truth about One For All (and possibly All For One). While there isn't evidence to support or disprove it one way or another, it would make sense that Ozpin would want someone with Toshinori's strength of character and vast physical power on his side against Salem. The problem is that it also brought Toshinori's set of villains, which includes All For One, into the picture, which is a problem that Ozpin could probably have done without. Still, the inclusion of the All Mighty Hero in his group solves more problems than it causes...
    • Possibly jossed- it's implied that Ozpin was Nezu in a previous life, who was told about One For All and All For One by Nana, the predecessor to Toshinori.

There will be an Evil vs. Evil war between the Monochrome League and Salem.
  • It seems as though Cinder wants to avoid All For One's attention, but given the goals of her boss, and the goals of All For One, conflict between the two seems inevitable. All For One might end up helping the heroes in a case of Evil Vs Oblivion.

The Grey Eyes of the Emperors of the Monochrome Empire...
  • Are related to the Silver Eyes that Ruby has, which have magical properties. Admittedly, this is based on what very little we know about the Empire, except that the information tells that the rulers had grey eyes which had unusual properties, and it wouldn't be hard for "Grey" and "Silver" to get mixed up over time.

    Character WMGs 
Tsuyu is secretly carrying a torch for Izuku.
  • She certainly gets a lot of Ship Tease with him in the original manga.
    • There's not much of it here, though, and she seems to be a Shipper on Deck for Yang and Izuku. That having been said, they do seem to enjoy each other's company and feel like genuine (if slightly odd) friends.

All For One and Salem are in league with each other.
  • Salem keeps this partnership secret from her other subordinates so that none of them can link Monochrome back to her.
    • While not Jossed (as of yet) it would seem unlikely given their character motivations- Salem is a genocidal maniac, and while All For One is not nice, he seems to prefer having a civilization of some sort.
    • Leaning towards Jossed, as it's implied that Cinder is laying lower than in canon to avoid the attention of AFO.

Salem is immune to All For One (the power)
  • From what we learn about Salem in RWBY Volume Six, the uniqueness of her existence means she is one of the only people on Remnant who All For One can't rob of their Aura.
    • She might be immune to the "Stealing your Semblance," thing, but even if you removed that one tool from All For One's toolbox, given his abilities, that would mean he only has a couple hundred or thousand different powers he can mix-and-match to make her life a living hell. He did something similar in his own series- he combined the many, many powers he gathered over the years to fight All Might and managed to knock most of the embers of One For All out of him without once trying to use his Quirk Theft on him. Or, for another example, he took down the group of heroes led by Best Jeanist without using his power stealing quirk on them in a massive curb stomp.

The Black family is somehow related to All For One
  • As we learn in Volume 6, Chapter 9, Marcus Black’s Semblance was the ability to steal the Semblances of others, and we know he used it at least once-on his own son-but Mercury dosen’t seem to have suffered any sort of sickness because of this. So either Marcus will have a different Semblance in this story, or All For One will be involves somehow.
    • Or, it could be a case of similar Semblances- after all, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Kirishima are both characters in this story (though they have yet to do their canonical "We're basically the same person," joke), as well as Emerald and Neo (Illusionists), or Raven Branwen and Kurogiri (portals), proving that one can have similar semblances without being related to one another. There are also similarities between One For All and Yang's semblance, or how Shouto and the Schnees have ice-themed attacks. Admittedly, the last two examples are weaker, but there can be overlap.

There will be a relationship between the leader of Team SSSN and Tsuyu.
  • If only so that the ship name will be Sun Tsu.

If Nieto Monoma had copied One For All...
  • He would have died as his own body ripped itself apart.
  • Alternately, it would turn out just like how it did in canon BNHA- it wouldn't do anything, since it'd copy the power, not the stockpiled energies.

Shoto will ask Izuku if he's Toshinori's love child.
  • Because of course he will, the poor boy is more socially awkward than Izuku.

Someone will ask if Izuku is Oobleck's love child.
  • Because one of them is a motor mouthed, hyperactive green-haired man who never stops vomiting up facts about everything under the sun, and then there's Izuku, who's even worse.


    Volume Two Speculation 
Since Mountain Glenn is off limits for the secret White Fang Base..
... They'll put it in Forever Fall instead.
  • The Breach will involve going upstream from the source of the falls into Vale's sewage system. The Faunus, having enhanced senses, do not appreciate this.

The students in Class 1-B will instead be enrolled in one of the other Academies
  • This troper's money is on Shade or Haven
  • Partially Jossed. We know Neito, Ibara, Tetsutetsu, and Itsuka are a team at Beacon, and Awase and Kamikiri are mentioned in sparring class options. For the others, though, it’s still up in the air.
    • Somewhat Jossed if you take the exact wording of it- we've seen an Atlas team made purely out of 1-A members, implying that not all of 1-A is in Beacon.

Penny's secret will come out to someone other than Ruby or Izuku
  • But whomever it is will still keep her secret.

The Monochrome League has also been roped into Cinder and Salem's schemes.

    Volume Three Speculation 
Pyrrha won't be the Fall Maiden candidate.
  • It will probably go to either Tsuyu, Momo, or Nejire. They each have all of Pyrrha's positive qualities, but none of them is an Extreme Doormat, which might be a problem when dealing with potential residual elements of Amber's personality.
    • Possibly Jossed- Momo is a student of another school, so is probably not the best candidate if she lives in another country (given how the Vaults seem to work). Tsuyu makes the most likely candidate of the three, since Nejire hasn't received much focus and also is a bit of a ditz.

Penny will face a different opponent in the singles preliminaries.
  • It will be either the new Fall Maiden candidate, Katsuki or Denki, whose respective Semblances are almost as much tailor-made to destroy Penny as Pyrrha's.
    • This troper’s money is on Katsuki, as the whole point of that stunt was to sow negative emotions-and distrust in Beacon, of which Denki is not a student. Not to mention Katsuki’s attitude would only reinforce that message.
    • Alternately, we could get a repeat of the Todoroki vs. Sero fight, and see her frozen into a block of ice in less than a second. This would be a nice subversion of expectations, throw off the villain's plans, and set up for an Izuku fight.

Katsuki will independently deduce that funny business is going on with the tournament
  • He will have faced Neo and her Semblance quite a few times by that point, and will therefore be Right for the Wrong Reasons after comparing notes with Coco and/or Team CEMN's first opponent.

Izuku will be able to, with effort, No-Sell Emerald's Illusions.
  • For the same reason that canon Izuku could No-Sell mind control, because of the other minds in One For All, Emerald's Illusions (which are more along the lines of controlled hallucinations that only the target can see) will be able to be thrown off. This would probably be easier with higher Aura Control or One For All scores.

Izuku will fight Pyrrha and win by taking off all his metal beforehand.
  • Ultimately, Pyrrha remains one of the tallest mountains Deku has to climb. Defeating her in a fight, be it a friendly spar, or a tournament, will signal an end of the lighthearted school stuff by showing that he's strong enough to beat the strongest person in the school, before we move on to the later, darker chapters.

Mercury will try to set himself up as a rival for Deku
  • This is admittedly weak, but Mercury's feet-based weapons are similar to Emerald Gust's lower parts. It could also be a ruse to try to get closer to Izuku so the villains can understand his powers, similar to how Mercury challenged Pyrrha to figure out her Semblance.

Toshinori will make a Heroic Sacrifice against the Grimm Dragon
  • It would be a narratively perfect place for Mentor Occupational Hazard to kick in, and thereby fuel a Heroic BSoD for Izuku, Ruby, and/or Yang.
    • Alternately, he'll throw down against the Grimm Dragon, win, but lose his power, mirroring the All For One fight.

One For All will No-Sell Moonslice
  • Well, sort of. It will probably keep Izuku in one piece against Adam, but he'll be feeling it for the next few months. This means that Yang gets to stay symmetrical for at least a little while longer.

Izuku will find Adam standing over Blake...
  • And use the upgrade to Emerald Gust Ruby designed on her birthday to give a Glenn Smash to knock him away into and through a wall.

If Tsuyu is the Maiden Candidate, she will give an Anguished Declaration of Love or The Big Damn Kiss to Izuku before climbing the CCT Tower to face Cinder
  • And should that happen, Tsuyu won't be coming back down, at least, not in one piece.

If Tsuyu is the Maiden Candidate, Yang will be pissed.
  • Tsuyu whips her hard enough with her tongue normally, now she'll be able to whip her while creating tornadoes and with a tongue that is on fire.

Izuku and Shoto will throw down in the singles round before everything goes wrong
  • While not exactly the same, it will parallel their match in the Sports Festival, right down to “It’s yours! Your Semblance, not his!”

Enji Todoroki will be present at the Battle of Beacon and make a big difference.
  • Having someone whose power is "All of the fire" would be a huge help against what forces would be there.

Nora will be the one to fight Mercury and break his leg, not Yang
  • It would make all her talk about breaking legs a bit of sneaky foreshadowing, and it keeps the person responsible for the injury on the protagonist’s team.
    • Actually, given Nora's enthusiasm, she could probably break it in the middle of the fight and no one would bat an eye.

The Aura Transfer Machine will be far more advanced.
  • One of the reasons why the use of the machine was so dangerous and tense was because there was a lot of inherent risk in it. The scientists who built it didn't know if it would be possible to do it, and thus there was a degree of uncertainty. There is a difference between canon and here, though: Toshinori and All For One. Or rather, their semblances. Those prove, conclusively, that it is possible to transfer something like people's soul energy or Semblances or whatever to a new host safely. Because Toshinori is part of the conspiracy, alongside Ironwood and Ozpin, and given that there are sensors capable of detecting if someone is a Moon Child (as seen in some of Izuku's flashbacks shortly before he and Yang became a couple), it's possible that scientists could have studied him and his Semblance to refine the machine into something much safer than what it was implied as.

    Volume Four Speculation 
Sun won't be going to Menagerie with Blake...
  • Since he didn't have the opportunity to become her confidant when the White Fang first make their move, that honor, if it happens with anyone, will probably go to either Tsuyu (if she wasn't the Maiden Candidate) or Mina, as I can't imagine most of the Faunus of Menagerie giving Izuku and/or Yang the time of day (if they'd even be allowed- Blake openly stated that there's only ever been one human ever on Menagerie).

Alternately, Sun won't be going to Menagerie with Blake...
  • Because Blake won't go to Menagerie. Izuku has been working with Blake and has been slowly rebuilding her self-confidence, meaning it's possible she'll stick around instead of running off to another continent. Yes, Izuku is now dating someone else, but if Izuku has a specialty, it's telling people that You Are Better Than You Think You Are and getting them to believe it.

Inko's Comically Missing the Point about Izuku's Clueless Chick Magnet status will turn Dramatic.
  • She will learn that Izuku is recuperating from the events of Volume Three at the Rose/Xiao Long homestead, and assume the worst. She'll come down there, call Izuku a cad and/or Yang a hussy before noticing their injuries, and then just as she notices them, Taiyang and Qrow will take her into another room and verbally unload on her, leading to a My God, What Have I Done? moment on Inko's part, as she considers everything she's done and said to Izuku up to that moment...
    • While not Jossed, it seems unlikely- by week 10, Izuku is on much better terms with his Mom, and they are talking freely to one another.

Izuku will take the revelation of Ozpin/Ozma's Body Hopping Immortal status well.
  • It's honestly not too dissimilar from how One For All works, or the Maiden Powers, which (since Izuku is in on the conspiracy) he probably would have been told about.

    Volume Five Speculation 
The Admiral, if he's still alive, will be pissed at Adam for usurping Sienna Khan's place.

Izuku will be captured by the Branwen Tribe instead of Weiss.
  • He won't be killed, obviously; Raven respects Toshinori too much to harm his successor.
    • Izuku being held captive might also set up interaction between him and Raven, mainly about Yang.
    • Alternately, Raven just wants to give Izuku the Shovel Speech about Yang.

    Volume Six Speculation 
Izuku and Katsuki will fight Adam instead of Yang and Blake.
  • It would set up an opportunity for them to work together against a powerful foe like in canon when they went up against All Might.
    • Alternatively, they might join Yang and Blake in the fight.

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