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    I'm Going To Be A Hero 
  • Izuku dreams about all of the things that led him to his spot on the airship to Beacon, including the eight words he wanted to hear his whole life from his idol.
    Toshinori: Young man. You too can become a hero.
  • Even as his muscles ached and his bones creaked from discomfort from the ten months of heavy-duty training he did to become worth of One For All, none of this pain was able to discourage him in the slightest.
    Of course you were this sore, of course your body ached this badly. That was just how it was going to be, right? You weren't born normal, weren't born with the capacity to do what every other person on this ship could do. You had to work this hard just to deserve even a chance at seeing your dream come true. You had to work until you were ready to pass out or throw up every single day. You had to work three times harder than anyone else just to get to the same spot... and that was fine by you. You were going to be a Huntsman. You were going to be the kind of hero you always dreamed you would be. If that meant a few aching muscles and a lot of time dedicated to getting better then that was fine.
    You were going to be a hero!

    Welcome to Beacon 
  • Izuku's jitteriness melts away as he talks about his dream. It's also the first time anyone besides Toshinori or his mom is able to listen without trying to mock him for being Broken. Heck, Ruby thinks his dream is so cool that her enthusiasm eclipses his own for a moment.
    Izuku: Ever since I was a little kid... i-it's been my dream to become a Huntsman. My entire life, I've thought the coolest thing you could do was save people. [a wide smile spreads across his face] I want people to see my smiling face and feel safe. It's really all I ever wanted... so I had no choice; I had to come to Beacon. It's my dream!
    Ruby: [starry-eyed while Yang looks on with a wide grin] OH MY GOSH, THAT'S SO COOL! I wanted to be a Huntress my entire life too! Sure it wasn't cause I grew up where the second greatest Hunter first showed up, but well, I grew up with the absolute best one ever! It's why I was so excited about being accepted to Beacon early, right before I got nervous, but like you said, it's still my dream and it's really cool I get to be here!
  • Ozpin gazes at Izuku in the crowd and locks eyes with Izuku, who is busy internally rambling about how hard he was going to work to prove himself worthy of Toshinori's faith and his own dream. Ozpin seems to recognize this and flashes him a look of amusement as he looks away.
  • Pyrrha is just so happy to be able to talk to someone who doesn't know or care about her celebrity status, making her feel like a normal girl for the first time in ages.
  • Izuku is filled with joy and excitement as he feels his Aura pouring into his muscles on his first morning run since receiving One For All.
    Man, was this what you've been missing out on all these years?
  • While talking to Pyrrha, Weiss, Shoto, and Tenya, the latter gives Izuku glowing praise for his prodigious note-taking prior to coming to Beacon. Even Weiss approves of his work ethic. This stuns Izuku, since it's the first time he's ever gotten anything but mockery or scorn for it.
    Izuku: Y-Yeah... growing up I wasn't exactly- [internally] fit to be a Huntsman in any way shape or form because I was Broken [out loud] -the strongest guy or the fastest... but I thought that if I studied hard and especially took note of how other Huntsmen did things, what practices worked and what strategies were effective, then maybe I could learn something that'd help me make up for that difference... still do, in a way.
    Tenya: A fine way to prepare yourself for the career of being a Huntsman! Learning as much as you can and attempting to apply the best of that knowledge is a fine way of making sure you're prepared for any situation! It shows a great deal of tenacity and dedication and a strong work ethic.
    Oh wow, now you really are blushing. You've never really heard anyone actually "compliment" your practice of taking such prodigious notes. You were pretty well scoffed at before... but, again, back then you didn't even have an Aura or a Semblance, so it made more sense. Still, to get praise...
    Weiss: [approvingly] Indeed. You weren't kidding when you said you were working hard to be here.
    -it was really something else.

    The Emerald Forest 
  • Izuku realizes that his dream really can become a reality after he successfully takes down three Beowolves by himself, crying Tears of Joy with the goofiest smile on his face.
    And here, just now... you proved you could do it. Maybe nobody else saw you. Maybe no one else could congratulate you for what you did... maybe you really didn't prove to anyone that you could be the person you dreamed off. But here and now, you proved it to yourself.
    You really can do it.
    You can be a Hero.
  • Pyrrha is thoroughly impressed by Izuku's performance after he put himself down the previous night. The acknowledgement just makes him sob even more as he's filled with a little more confidence.
  • Izuku's true Establishing Character Moment. Yes, he had revealed that he's a socially awkward super-nerd who takes excessive notes and can't talk to girls to save his soul, but what really matters is this- he's just smashed the Giant Nevermore in one hit, he nearly falls to his death, and turned his arm into a sack of destroyed meat and bone, but the first things he asks are "Is everyone else okay."
  • Toshinori just has so much faith in Izuku. Not only this, but Izuku's passion has breathed new life into Toshinori after years of feeling lost after his injury.
    Toshinori: The kid... the kid is something else Oz. Everything that embodies what it means to be a Huntsman... it's in him. I saw it then in a way I knew I wouldn't see it anywhere else. He wouldn't be the strongest young man to inherit One For All, I knew it... but there was no one else who'd carry the torch like he would. I'm confident of that.
    Ozpin: If he's managed to ignite such a fire in you again Toshinori, I can only imagine so.

    The Ending Ceremony 
  • Izuku has to fight back tears when he learns that he passed Initiation, making his dream of becoming a Huntsman one step closer to reality.
    You did it. You really did it. You passed the Test. YOU'RE A HUNTSMAN IN TRAINING! ... OH JEEZ, REEL IT BACK, REEL IT BACK, FIGHT THE TEARS!
  • Izuku's heart just flutters when he hears Toshinori call him cool and he feels so thankful for having this opportunity in the first place.
    Toshinori: I mean, I left you alone to come to Beacon two days ago and you'd only just finished up your training then. So really, after everything I saw, I have to ask you very seriously... [his frown turns into a grin] What the Hell young man, when did you get so cool?
    Izuku: [getting misty-eyed] W-Well... I didn't do it cause it was cool... I-I did it because it was the right thing to do. It's what you would've done. [gives a shaky smile] And really... it's only because of everything you've done for me that today was possible. Passing Initiation, joining Beacon as a student... living my dream as a Huntsman. None of it wouldn't have been possible without the help you've given me.
  • Izuku is just overwhelmed with emotion after being named the leader of Team MNVW, crying Ocular Gushers as he realizes that he now has things he thought were forever out of his reach.
    It's all too much. Defeating your first Grimm, getting such an amazing partner, meeting so many new people who didn't immediately hate your guts, making... friends, coming together with a handful to make a team, killing an Elder Grimm with One For All, passing Initiation and becoming a Huntsman-in-Training, setting on the first step of your journey to achieve your dream of becoming a Heroic Huntsman and Toshinori's pride and words of encouragement all wrap together into this one and final moment, this capstone to the day. You were made the leader of a Team. And Ozpin, Headmaster of the most prestigious academy in all of Remnant... just said you earned it.

    Week Five 
  • Izuku calls his mom to tell her how sorry he is for putting her through so much grief in his reckless attempts to become a Huntsman. After several minutes of apologizing to each other, she assures him that even though she was deathly afraid of him getting hurt, all of the money they spent and the tears they shed together will be worth it if Izuku gets to be happy.
    Inko: Izuku Midoriya. You... are my wonderful little boy. I know you wouldn't mean to hurt me in any way... and honey, I know that I was worried. I know that I was scared... of course I was. I thought there was a chance you were going to die if you kept at this too long. What mother wouldn't be horrified?
    [Izuku tries to look away but Inko locks eyes with him]
    But... I could have told you to stop. I was the parent and you were the child. I could have forced you to go to a normal school and be a normal child... But... honey... you are still a young man. You deserved a chance to chase your dreams... even if they weren't feasible. I figured if you did graduate from the Combat School that you could just go into engineering. It's a good job that makes a lot of money here in Mountain Glenn... but instead, you got your chance to live your dream. Sure, we didn't know it... but... if you have the chance to be happy, if you have the chance to live your dream to its fullest... then Izuku, no amount of money I spent or stress I went through was not worth it.
    [Izuku swallows and he fights back more tears with a smile]
    Izuku... I appreciate that you want to say you're sorry, I really do... but right now, you don't have to. You're happy... and for me, for your mother... that's all I need. Not an apology... just a smile.

    Color Week 
  • Izuku is initially nervous about showing his Huntsmen Guides to Ruby, since she'll be looking for her mom (Summer Rose) and see the KIA mark. While she does see it, and there are bits of information that are emotionally hard for her to read, she also learns things about her mom that she never knew before. In the end, she thanks Izuku and goes to call her dad.
  • Mountain Glenn has a huge statue in the center of town, celebrating Toshinori's victory. People leave gifts and donations around it all year round. And every year, on the final night of Color Week, Toshinori himself comes to town and sets off the final stages of the celebration. You can't doubt that Mountain Glenn loves its Symbol of Peace.
    • Every year, at the end of Color Week, Mountain Glenn has a celebration for honoring Hunters and Huntresses that's capped off by an appearance by Toshinori himself, as well as the full video of Toshinori saving Mountain Glenn. It's the same video of All Might's debut as in canon, but extended, and involves Grimm.
  • Blake finally feels that she can trust Izuku enough, and reveals her past (some of it) to him- that she's a secret Faunus and that she was part of the White Fang. Izuku doesn't even care and reinforces to her that she's his friend and that this won't get between them, nor will he leave her or turn her in. Blake visibly slumps and almost starts to cry with relief.

    Week Nine 
  • Izuku tells Blake that she isn't a bad person because she trusted him enough to share her Dark Secret, she is trying to be a better person than before, and that the guy she has a crush on would be lucky to have a girl like Blake have feelings for him.

    Week Eleven 
  • Izuku and Yang go into town and hang out again, but it ends with an incredibly heartfelt conversation between the two that culminates in Izuku on the receiving end of a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech for pretty much the first time, delivered by Yang. She even gives him the forced finger smile and quote that Nana gave to Toshinori, telling him that a Symbol of Peace should smile.
    • Then, she asks if he'd like to date her... and he says yes. Yang and Izuku are now boyfriend and girlfriend.
    • To finalize the night, Izuku manages to overwhelm Yang with a final piece of information - Toshinori is going to talk to her about Raven. Despite all her talk about how she doesn't care about Raven anymore, and she doesn't care about this information, it's very clear that this is just her trying to cover and she's very overwhelmed and thankful.
      • What makes this better is that Yang honestly didn't think that Izuku could convince Toshinori to do it- she'd been conditioned her whole life that asking people who knew Raven about her was a futile endeavor. She's blown away that Izuku, essentially a total stranger, just up and got his idol to talk to her about Raven.
  • Tenya calls a meeting between Team TABY and Team MNVW, ostensibly to lay ground rules for dating between the teams... but then it gets to him trying to lecture Yang and Izuku about safe sex. Yang is so mad her Semblance actually starts activating... and then Izuku squeaks in horror, and Yang's first concern is not Tenya, but on how distraught her boyfriend is, dropping her Semblance instantly.
    • Later, after they escape from the meeting, Yang manages to make herself blush. Izuku had escaped by picking her up in a Bridal Carry, and she was going to make a joke on how she could reward her gallant hero... only to realize how close they were and start blushing furiously.
    • In a more serious Heartwarming moment, Yang makes it absolutely clear that she'll go at Izuku's pace so as not to make him uncomfortable, while he says he appreciates her pushing him out of his comfort zones. It's clear even early on that the two care for each other a lot.
  • Yang gets told by Toshinori about Raven, and one of the first things she does is insist that Izuku stay because none of this scenario would be possible without him.
    • While the aftermath of Toshinori talking about Raven is tragic, heartbreaking, and Tear Jerker worthy, Izuku staying and comforting Yang is beautiful in its own way, and he promises to always be there for her.
    Winter Break 

    Canon Omakes 

#156 - The Worpeltinger Saga

  • Weiss spends the entire trip proving Tsu wrong about her attitudes towards the Schnee Heiress, the later nearly dying getting Tsu to safety.
  • Shoto saves Weiss... and it's implied he did so (though we can't be sure as Weiss is passing out at the end) with his fire, marking it as the first time he did so in the entire story thus far.

#199 - Boyfriend Analysis and Too Cute Journal

  • This omake is a compilation of things that Yang and Izuku have written down about their relationship. Izuku has, naturally, written things as a way to analyze Yang's behavior as a girlfriend and ways for him to act accordingly (because of course he has), and Yang has done pretty much the same thing. It's a combination of utter sweetness and hilarity.
    • Izuku is an adorable cinnamon roll.
    #27 - Need to stop pinching myself. Yes, I really am dating Yang.
    #28 - Remind yourself everyday that you’re the luckiest guy alive.
    • Yang has an interesting pair:
    #17: Stop coming up with what your future name's gonna be. Only weird girls do that.

#209 - 5CP for 1 Will

  • Yang decides that she's gonna give her boyfriend the best First Kiss ever on the Solstice holiday (basically Christmas). She's wanted to kiss him several times now, though, so she takes up meditation as a form of Heroic Resolve to give her boyfriend the romantic moment she's planning for.
    • And it turns out that as of that Solstice, she is successful! Not only does the First Kiss leave Izuku unable to speak, he momentarily forgets how to stand. And on top of that, on a meta level, because she was able to hold out, she actually gets another point in Will.

#214 - Holiday Message

  • Weiss gets a video message from her team wishing her a Merry Solstice. She goes to sleep with a smile on her face after watching it.

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