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    Welcome To Beacon 
  • In canon RWBY, Mountain Glenn was one of the darkest times in recent memory (pre-season 3, that is). Here, it survived, because when all seemed lost, the leaders of Vale detonated the tunnels to prevent the Grimm from flooding into the city, and the people had given up hope, someone shouted two sentences.
    • Not only did Toshinori save the day, Mountain Glenn is still there and is a symbol of defiance against the Grimm. What's more, Toshinori has inspired an entire generation of huntsmen, meaning that there are even more people dedicated to the survival of civilization than there were in canon!
    • We learn even more later- Toshinori was told to abandon Mountain Glenn by the Council of Vale. Toshinori's response was a very solid Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!, and he was nearly stripped of his title as Hunter for it, had it not been for the popular upswelling in the wake of the salvation of Mountain Glenn.
  • When he decides to talk to Pyrrha and Weiss before initiation starts, they're already talking to Tenya and Shouto.
    • When he shows off his journals of the future, Weiss is visibly shocked and impressed at the sheer amount of detail and the number of Journals that Izuku's written.
    • Everyone in the group compliments Izuku on how thorough and careful his work has been, and it's implied to be the first time that's ever happened to the poor kid. And these aren't just random schlubs on the street- these are the heirs to very successful Huntsmen legacies, a Tournament winner, and an heiress to the SDC.
    • Izuku even manages to convince the four that even though he thinks they could be very effective together, it'd be rude and incorrect to judge them based on what their families or reputations did or said without seeing what they could do. You can tell that it got immediate kudos from Pyrrha and Shoto, both of whom have struggled with their legacies preceding them.

    The Emerald Forest 
  • Izuku takes on his first three Beowolves on his lonesome and leaves without a scratch. While this would be nothing for any other Beacon student, the fact that he was still a Moon Child just two days before this makes the moment all the more meaningful for him.
  • When faced with a Giant Nevermore, Izuku's heroic instincts go into overdrive and he runs towards it rather than away from it. After some hesitation, Pyrrha quickly follows, showing Izuku's burgeoning leadership skills.
  • Izuku is able to take charge and quickly draft an effective battle plan to fight the Giant Nevermore with only basic knowledge of Tenya's, Pyrrha's, and Blake's capabilities. It nearly works too, with all three of Izuku's teammates working in perfect sync despite barely knowing each other.
    • When this plan goes awry, Izuku screams at Tenya to get him up to the Giant Nevermore, which allows Izuku to tap into One For All for the first time to blow the Grimm to pieces with a single punch.
      Toshinori's Voice: SO CLENCH YOUR BUTT CHEEKS, KID!
      Izuku: ... and yell this from the DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART! SMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!
  • That Nevermore? One. Punch. That's all it takes from Izuku to basically vaporize an Elder Grimm. Even better, because Tenya threw him in this world, all he hurt of himself was one arm (as opposed to his first use of OFA in canon, which destroyed his legs).

    Week Eight 
  • Cardin rallies Team CRDL into trying to isolate Izuku so they can beat him up at their leisure. They're shocked to find that not only is he unafraid of them, but he's willing to take on all of them at once, hanging a giant "if" over their plans.
    Cardin: Not one of them, not even that second year bitch, has the right to look down on me. I'm not going to accept it from the old bastard, I'm definitely not going to accept it from them! They are going to know that if they keep getting in our way or belittling us that we can and will beat that little shrimp into a pulp! They can't protect him behind their skirts every single second of the day! Deku, over there, won't say a word as thanks for not pounding him into the dirt every single second of the day from here on out!
    Izuku: If you can pound me into the dirt, that is.
    Cardin: Right, if... [stops and stares at Izuku] Want to repeat that, Deku?
    Izuku: [activates One For All: Full Cowl] I said if Cardin. If you can beat me. If you can win this fight... I'm just going to make it clear here and now though; that's a mighty big if you're working with there, Cardin.
    • Izuku's display scares off everyone except Cardin, who continues to try and intimidate Izuku. Our hero simply responds with a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech before challenging him to a one-on-one spar in class. After this, Team CRDL simply backs off in Izuku's presence, showing that this Nerd Action Hero definitely Grew a Spine during his time at Beacon.
      Izuku: No, Cardin. It's not about my friends; neither about you insulting them or calling them pets... though, admittedly, that does have me a smidge irritated with you. [grits his teeth] Yang doesn't need me to protect her from you, Cardin. Neither does Tsu, or my team, or anyone! They don't need me to stand here and protect them from you... they could kick you to the curb on their own. They choose not to because they're better than that.. It's not even because you tried to target me Cardin... I've had worse things said about me and if I can still try to help Kacchan despite everything that's happened between us, I could let something like this slide off my back... It's not about any of that; that's not why I'm going to kick your ass to the curb, Cardin! It's because of your lack of respect! Not for me, not even for my friends... but for this school and for the Hunter's profession itself!

      I've worked so hard my entire life to be here, Cardin. I've put everything I had into making it here to Beacon... even when I thought it was impossible, when I thought it'd never happen. I made it though... in spite of everything I made it. [fights back the tears building in his eyes] I couldn't have been luckier... I couldn't have given it anymore than I could've. However, that was enough. By the skin of my teeth, I made it.

      [narrows his eyes at Cardin] You though? You were born to be a Huntsman, Cardin. You're strong and powerful, a naturally gifted fighter... you were made to be here. Beacon was probably happy to have you! A great potential Hunter to add to their ranks... and... and you waste it. Here you are messing around, dragging your teammates into some stupid scheme that could cut your careers short just because you want to try and beat me up for some slight to your pride? You'd face expulsion not just for that, but so that you'd be free to try and mess with the hopes and dreams of other people who want to be here, who want to be Hunters, by bullying and berating them! Worse than that... you've actively tried to sabotage Kacchan's chances of becoming a Huntsman, something he's wanted for as long as I've known him...

      [Izuku's gaze turns into a Death Glare] So yeah, Cardin... we're going to fight man-to-man. We're going to fight in front of Port... and then when I'm done with you, I expect you to stop. You won't hurt or harass my friends or anyone else ever again. You understand?
    • They square off a week later, during which Izuku curb-stomps Cardin, who doesn't even get a single hit in before being taken down in three punches, one of which was used simply to disarm him.

    Week Eleven 
  • Izuku passes his final exam in Live Exercises with flying colors, successfully saving all of the Atlesian Knights and utterly decimating a pack of Beowolves. He is shocked at the ease he killed the Beowolves, barely managing to fight back his Tears of Joy as Toshinori congratulates him on how far he's come.
  • Combined with Heartwarming, Izuku manages to convince Toshinori to spill the beans about Raven to Yang, making them the first people in Yang's life who have willingly told her about her biological mother.
  • In all, Week Eleven is probably the single best week Izuku has ever had at Beacon- not only did he ace all his tests, but he got a girlfriend and got affirmation in a real, tangible way that he's well on his way to getting stronger and becoming a true Hunter.

    The Dockyards 
  • The Docks action itself goes off so smoothly it's kinda crazy. In canon, it was almost a spur-of-the-moment thing done because Blake felt pressured to stop the White Fang in the wake of her secret getting revealed. Had Ruby and Penny not shown up, things might have gone really, really badly for her and Sun. Team RWBY gets into a little trouble because they got caught at the docks, and ultimately, the big bads of the arc (Roman and Neo) get away cleanly. In the quest? The robbery is extended out to three separate dockyards, and the bad guys are different, but Blake's secret remains intact, none of the bad guys get away (all getting arrested), no one gets in trouble, and the worst outcome is that Izuku has to get bedrest for hypothermia from diving into the water. It also helps that instead of Ruby, Blake, Sun, and Penny, it's all of Teams RSBR, MNVW, TABY, MADE, and Sun.
  • The Admiral is powerful enough to put Izuku on the backfoot, easily batting away Izuku's Full Cowl-enhanced blows and fast enough to make Izuku burn Aura just to dodge and block. It takes Iuzku using Go Beyond! to turn the tables.
    • Oh, and to add a note of funny to this- The Admiral is an expy of Donald Freaking Duck.
  • Izuku has a spectacular Dynamic Entry when Sun makes the van they're riding in hit a ramp, sending them flying through the air. While he's initially panicking, Izuku immediately sees Yang locked in combat and punches the door off its hinges to leap out. He then proceeds to position himself with Patch Smashes so that his forward momentum would allow him to Beacon Smash Yang's opponent all the way across the harbor. After some initial awkwardness, he then proceeds to deliver a surprisingly good pun.
    Izuku: [trying his best to look cool] We got done early, so I thought I'd drop in.
  • In a meta sense, the canon omakes managed to fill out the three bad guys of the arc into surprisingly sympathetic characters with reasonable struggles, reasons for what they were doing, and ways of thinking. Not bad, considering that they're expys of the Three Caballeros.

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