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Huey founded Aperture Science
Huey apparently had a hand in designing all the unmanned AI weapons; the Pupa, Cocoon, etc. They all sing that song when they move about, and announce their attacks in a sing-song synthesized voice. Clearly, Huey and Aperture Science have to have some connection.(Other than Kojima Prods. ripping off Valve/Portalteam wholesale, natch.)

Kaz really was working Cipher(The Patriots)
Both he and Paz were double agents in getting to Big Boss, and his confession was a back up plan just in case Paz failed. After learning everything he can, eventually turns on Big Boss in Metal Gear and help Solid Snake into taking him down.

Post Game Paz has Amnesia
To think some of the things that happen in this game are non canon would be ignoring all the other blatant 4th wall breaking stuff Metal Gear Solid has taken into the fold of it's chronology before (unlimited ammo anybody?) so the stuff you do with Paz post game either take place before the final battle, or because she survived the drop and just suffered some amnesia. Or she could be faking it and everyone is choosing to believe she forgot for decencies sake. After all, no one really bothers to talk about what happened that much, considering what a big deal it was, so maybe they're keeping it all bottled up, or going with the ignorance is bliss route.

Chico grows up to be one of the bosses Snake faces off against in the original Metal Gear.
  • Machinegun Kid, perhaps?

Dr. Strangelove is not Otacon's mother.
Rather she is his stepmother (i.e. E.E.'s mother) with whom he had an affair. She's mentioned as being English in Metal Gear Solid 2.
  • Sorry, but this was jossed before you posted. Julie Danziger is the name of Emma's mom. She was Huey's second wife (as far as we know), and kept in contact with Otacon after Huey's suicide. Huey just has a thing for British women.
    • Strangelove's real name is not given. She could still be Julie Danziger. Her absence in Ground Zeroes speaks volumes, especially since Otacon won't be born for another five years.
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    • Possibly confirmed, since it was stated in a line on the official Konami site that Strangelove was Otacon's mother before it was taken out, possibly for being a premature spoiler.

Galvez will kill Paz.
If only because their English voices are the same as Gene and Ursula/Elisa.Plus Galvez will probably end up being the villain due to there being 'more to him than meets the eye'. Alternatively...
  • Jossed by Ground Zeroes. Paz is killed by a bomb Skull Face puts inside her.

Paz is the true villain.
Considering how many times the word 'peace' is used to associate with her, would it really be that shocking to learn she is behind the Peace Walker Project? She does say she'll do 'anything' to protect her namesake, perhaps making her a Well-Intentioned Extremist. She will kill Galvez after he's lived out his usefulness to her goal.
  • The music video featuring Paz may in fact foreshadow this. Starting at 2:15, portraits of the main cast are shown in logos corresponding to their allegiance or group. Notice anything implied at 2:33-2:39?

Amanda is Meryl's mother.
They look somewhat similar, plus it would establish a Snake, Otacon, Meryl parallel with Big Boss, Huey, and Amanda.

Kazuhira Miller will change his name to McDonell Benedict Miller by the end of Peace Walker
Perhaps due to Paz's death, he decides it's too painful to keep a name with similar meaning to hers. Alternatively, 'Kazuhira' is simply a code name or alias.

Coldman is based on designs and elements of cut character Old Boy.
Remove the 'C' and you get 'old'. Man=Boy, therefore 'Old Boy'.

Strangelove was The Boss's Stalker with a Crush
It has been mentioned that she has a 'strange love', plus it would make a nice parallel with Ocelot and Big Boss's relationship. Perhaps they even met the same way, with The Boss besting Strangelove in battle causing Strangelove to develop obsessive feelings for her. Strangelove seems to imitate The Boss when Big Boss encounters her, with even the same type of horse The Boss owned.
  • Isn't this canon?
  • Partially jossed as Strangelove is a research scientist who worked on the space mission the Boss took part in. She doeslove the Boss, and much like Big Boss, doesn't understand her reasons for sacrificing herself, hence her enmity toward Big Boss. The horse, of course, is the Boss' own horse. All of this is detailed in her audio tapes.

In Peace Walker, the traditional boss squad (e.g. FOXHOUND, Dead Cell, etc.) will not be humans but...
...Machines. A character, possibly Galvez, in the TGS trailer talks about how "from now on our only heroes will be machines". Machines like the new Shagohod and the flying mech were created to be the 'new heroes' to replace the old. Both mechs also seem to have a red cylinder object, perhaps a power source, attached to them. The rest of the machine bosses will most likely have these devices too.
  • This theory has been totally confirmed. Most of the bosses in the game are either AI weapons or armored vehicles of some sort. The only exceptions are the Non-Canon Monster Hunter bosses, but those don't count.

The red cylinders attached to the mechs aren't simply just power sources, but also contain...
...AIs. AIs based on the personality and mind of The Boss. Since The Boss was a legendary hero, the machines having AIs based on her would explain why Galvez(?) is so confident that they will replace the heroes of old. At the beginning of the TGS trailer, there seems to be a conversation between Strangelove and The Boss. However, perhaps instead of being a flashback, this takes place in 'present' time with Strangelove briefing an AI though a series of questions to make sure it answers in the same way The Boss would. One character also mentions something saying "Jack" over and over again, perhaps she's talking about one of the AIs. The technology of the AIs could also be recovered at the end of the game and later be used as the basis of The Patriots' AI.
  • Confirmed... mostly. You're right about the cylenders being AI cores, but the fact that the AIs aren't quite as smart as a human is actually a plot point.

Strangelove does not really exist

She's a mental projection of Big Boss trying to cope with the loss of his mentor and may be in his coma (when his genes will be gathered for Les Enfants Terrible. They meet on the bridge where The Boss's betrayal began, perhaps signaling a change of roles, as Snake is heading towards being a soldier but not blindly obeying the government to his own detriment. To do this he needs a The Boss yet not The Boss, so he uses the closest thing to a younger The Boss he knows, Her son Ocelot for a template. Strangelove refers to the feelings Snake felt for The Boss and the feelings she had for him.


Strangelove is from the future.
She traveled to the past to make sure Big Boss starts Outer Heaven and ensure a stable time loop takes place. It's possible she's an adult Sunny, as Strangelove does seem to have a resemblance to her...
  • Furthermore, this might explain the presence of technology that seems advanced for the time, even by Metal Gear standards. Strangelove brought her knowledge of future technology to the past and offered her expertise in helping to create the AI Weapons.

The AI technology developed by Strangelove will later form the backbone of The Patriots
Specifically, the ability for superintelligent computers to compile a convincing AI facsimile of a person from records (possibly enhanced by nanomachines in the brain, drawing directly from a subject's memories and expectations) would later be utilized by the MGS2-era Patriots to re-create the Colonel and Rosemary as egregore (literal sentient memes) to command Raiden into doing their bidding. The results are mixed, to say the least.

Peace Walker takes place after MGS4
It's all an advanced VR Simulation that Little John is going through, playing the role of Big Boss. Sunny also takes part in the training under the codename 'Strangelove'. The Monster Hunter mode was also her idea, being a video game fan as indicated by her owning a PS3 and PSP.

The Mole in Peace Walker had undergone Decoy Octopus/Liquid Ocelot style mental conditioning.
"Paz" was a real personality, created mentally in order to infiltrate MSF. Pacifica Ocean was the original, but when the sleeper activation code was given, it resulted in severe mental stress; (created personalities don't just tidily "go away") hence the crazy.

Strangelove is Otacon's mother.
It's known that Huey has a thing for her, and heavily implied that she returns his affection. Plus it would explain Otacon's massive Ho Yay if we're assuming that homosexuality is at least partially genetic.
  • Is silver/gray his natural hair color then? Since he manages to have it at age 25. Maybe he learned his computer judo from her too.
  • Strangelove is albino (hence her permanent sunglasses and coat) and bisexual ; the True End reveals that she wouldn't mind to "walk" with Huey if he can "stand up" (overcome his shyness with her).
  • In Ground Zeroes, she's left Mother Base in late 1974/early 1975. Since Otacon won't be born for another five years, unless Huey finds her in the following years, it'll be difficult. Only time will tell what happens in The Phantom Pain.

Hot Coldman was posthumously responsible for the creation of the Patriots' Proxy AIs, the Tanker Incident, the Manhattan Incident, and the War Economy, and not Zero.
In a briefing file, Strangelove explains that the AIs used for the Peace Walker project, barring the Mammal Pod, were named by Hot Coldman after the Rushmore Presidents. These same AIs are later remade for the Patriots' AI system. In addition, when Coldman encounters Big Boss at the Mine Base, not only does he gleefully admit that he set up The Boss to die, admitting his personal hatred of her, but he even states that her beliefs are "bankrupt", and that her ideals, the age of heroes, died alongside her. Now take note about Big Boss stating that the War Economy not only eradicated everything in The Boss's final will, even Loyalty, the one thing she treasured most, but it was created by the AIs without Zero's knowledge or consent ("It was something not even Zero could have foreseen."). Likewise, Coldman was heavily implied to have programmed the Mammal Pod and Peace Walker to leak false data to NORAD, and that he may have at least had programmed the basic programming of the Mammal Pod (The rest of the characters reacted in a way that indicated that they didn't know about the NORAD leak, and Coldman claimed that he was the only one who knew the abort code, and was implied to have intended to die before divulging it, to which even Strangelove, the one who actually programmed the Mammal Pod, didn't know the abort code.).
  • Jossed. Coldman's influence shouldn't be understated, but Phantom Pain explicitly states that Zero and Cipher took the data from the pods and used them to develop the AIs going forward; by the time Zero wanted to do anything about the AI - knowing full well what they would lead to - it was too late for him. We can also assume that Coldman has no programming or mechanics experience himself, but his status in the CIA means he'd be the only one with access to the abort codes.

Paz is Raiden's mother
Peace Walker takes place in the 70's, Raiden was born in the 80's. giving plenty of time for Paz to grow, find a man and plop out Jack. They both have blond hair (Until Raiden's turned silver for some reason...). Paz's true ethnicity is unknown so she could be part-Liberian, And this Metal Gear, everyone has to be connected somehow...
  • Raikov is his father, maybe? Okay, he's gay, but still.....
  • Looks like Ground Zeroes has Jossed this one.

The CIA intentionally screwed up NASA's space plan.
All so that they could discredit The Boss.
  • Jossed: Strangelove thoroughly explains that the complications in the Boss' space mission were due to a window port introduced very late in development as a response to the Russians' own manned space flight having a similar port. It was a botch job, naturally, and they nearly killed the Boss in doing so. So they didn't care if she died, they just wanted to beat the Russians, as per the standard dick-waving of the space race.

The Drill Sergeant Nasty in the tutorial sequence is Alligator.
Since his stats are higher than the rest of the MSF mercs that the game gives you at the start, it makes sense that he'd be training the rest of them.
  • Additional to that, he's also Venom.

The Opening takes place at San Hieronymo.
After MPO the place would be deserted and the perfect place to start the MSF, and since the Russians and Fox would be gone, nobody would be laying claim to the base, it would practicaly not exist.
  • The MSF has been implied to be wandering for the two years since Snake formed them. If they had a base that size, surely they wouldn't be squatting in a leaky shack on a beach.

Zero/Cipher set up Coldman to be taken down by Big Boss.
After all, why would you willingly provide funding to a man who openly bragged about putting together the plot to kill the Boss, who you idolised? Sure, the AI work he's pushing has some merit and Strangelove is essentially recreating the Boss with her AI, but you don't need Coldman for the work Strangelove and Huey are doing. So Zero and the Patriots basically engineered Coldman and Big Boss meeting so the latter would remove Coldman from the equation and then - hopefully - return to the Patriots.

The peace signs that show up all over NORAD during the ending were transmitted by Peace Walker.
They were The Boss's dying message to the world... a wish for peace.

Coldman was telling the truth when it came to Huey and plagarism.
With the scene presented as is in Peace Walker, we're led to sympathise with Huey because Coldman is a malevolent bastard; but examining his actions in Phantom Pain and the design of the machines, it becomes extremely possible, almost entirely certain, in fact, that he actually has plagarised his contemporaries or Granin.

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