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Brent's parents owned the Baby Brent Sardine Cannery
They named it (perhaps a rename) after their newly born son, and later modeled its mascot after him as well.

Brent was just one of many baby boys born around that time named Brent
Depending on how long Baby Brent Sardines has been around, there may have been a number of "Baby Brents" over the years, with new ones being auditioned all the time. The only reason Brent got to be Baby Brent for so long was due to the cannery closing, otherwise, he would have been replaced like all the others.

The story of this film is the back story to the original book.

Or the book is the future of an alternate universe from the movie where the machine doesn't malfunction and is never turned off.

Until it goes off the rails, the food created by the FLDSMDFR is hypo-allergenic.
Food allergies don’t seem to be a concern in Chewandswallow until Sam gets affected by peanut brittle inside the giant meatball.
  • Well she does decline having it rain peanut butter early on because of her peanut allergy. Then again, how would she know it was hypoallergenic?

Flint is Grandfather Henry, who narrates the story in the book.
After working with his dad, Flint's interest in inventing wore off, since he learned his lesson from the events of the film. He gave up inventing, eventually moved off the island, married Sam, and changed his name. Then he had grandkids. Due to his old age, Flint could not remember details of what really happened- he even forgot that all the problems were caused by the food machine- so the differences in the book is the version he tolds his grandkids.
  • Heck, maybe Flint isn't even the character's real name. Perhaps it's a nickname everyone calls him that has no relation to his real name (which would be thusly Henry) but that he is commonly known by anyway. (It just occurred to me, and it makes no sense, but hey, it's possible.)
  • Alternatively to the "forgot" part, he may have just been embellishing and deceiving when telling it to his grandkids in the name of simplification and covering up his own part in it.
  • It could also be that Henry is Flint's son or grandson.
  • Explain how the book's sequel, "Pickles to Pittsburg" fits in.
    • Well, they can't just leave the island covered in food like that, now can they?
  • An alternate version of the end credits ties into this theory.

The McHales are distant relations of The Snows of Carousel
Assuming that Brent's parents were the owners of the Baby Brent sardine cannery, of course. In Carousel, Enoch Snow made his riches by inventing the concept of sardines:
Carrie: Who's gonna eat all that herring?
Mr. Snow: They ain't gonna be herring. I'm gonna put 'em in cans an' call 'em sardines.
Aha... Gonna build a little sardine cannery. Then a big one, then the biggest one in the whole country.
Also, according to the musical, the Snows had a whole brood of kids. Supposing that the canneries were distributed among the kids, and managed to stay in the family for a little over a hundred years, it could very well be that a Snow married a McHale somewhere along the way and inherited the cannery in Swallow Falls.

Chewandswallow 2 eventually becomes the town from Anyone Can Whistle
As seen in the end credits, the Baby Brent Cannery becomes the new factory for Flint and Dad's Spray-On Roofing Sealant, which is based on the formula for Spray-On Shoes, so we know it doesn't come off. Meaning, one coat and you never need to apply it again. Now, according to the first lines of ACW, "This town manufactured a product that never wore out," which led to the town becoming destitute, and the mayoress (and her cronies) putting together a "miracle" to bring in tourists. Swallow Falls/Chewandswallow may be stuck in a loop of history repeating itself.

The reason London is untouched is because they were dealing with the zombie apocalypse from 28 Days Later
It is also the reason why nobody helped England in 28 Days Later. They were busy dealing with and recovering from the food storm.

The movie takes place in 2006.
According to the coloring book Greetings From Chewandswallow, the Baby Brent Cannery has been in business since 1983, so it's safe to assume that this is Brent's birth year, and also Flint's, since they're in the same class. According to the script and the artbook, Flint is 8 in the first scene, meaning it takes place in 1991, and the junior novel says that the rest of the film takes place 15 years later, thus, 2006 (making Flint 23, btw). This also means that Fran died when Flint was 13.

Flint has a mild form of Asperger's
If you were to look at the requirments for diagnosing a person with autism, Flint meets a lot of them:
  • He's socially awkward
  • Obsessive activity (inventing)
  • Has a child-like demeanor towards everything
  • Doesn't really know how to react socially (example: laughing at Sam when she talks about being made fun of as a kid)
  • Awkward talking
  • Black-and-white thinking (his inventions are either good or bad)...and the list goes on.

Sam has ADHD
She seems to loose focus on a lot of things and gets overexcited easily. This especially shows in her first meeting with Flint.

Swallow Falls was the surface of the site of the Team Fortress 2 battles.
The town was designed to allow the teams' family members to live near them without compromising security, and the whole place was deeclassified prior to the movie. This is why it was previously covered by the A in Atlantic. Flint's dad is Heavy's little brother, officer Earl is related to Demoman (Demoman and Soldier may be Earl's two dads, but he may have gotten the Crazy Awesome "emphasis on crazy" from Soldier just being around), and the Mayor is BLU Scout's mother's ex-husband. This is also where they got the idea to call the new town Chewandswallow 2.

Swallow Falls is in the same universe as How to Train Your Dragon
Berk is an Island...Chew and swallow is on an island, Hiccup could've been embellishing the whole "located on the meridian of misery" thing plus, vikings traveled the world looting and pillaging. Its possible that The original Hiccup Horrendous Haddock found the island and claimed it as the new tribe's home. the movie just takes place centuries or so after HTTYD (obviously) Flint could also be a descendant of Hiccup, due to their very, very similar personalities now as to what happened to the dragons? I leave that up to you

Flint is related to Cave Johnson
Both of them have the 'incredible inventions poorly applied'. Flint's remote control TV (with its working arms and legs, and apparent AI); Cave has the Portal gun that was only used to test the 'real' inventions like propulsion gel.

"Raining Sunshine" is a song from the musical Five Guys With Umbrellas

The food the FLDSMDFR creates is specially engineered not to rot.
This is why all the food from Mount Leftovers was still fresh when it came down & they were able to use it as building materials in the Credits.

Afterwords, Flint goes to work at Aperture Science.
Flint, after marrying Sam, gets a job at Aperture, where he goes on to create Wheatley.

Flint was going to be the original Baby Brent
Flint's father created/worked for the Baby Brent Sardine Company, and was going to name his son "Brent" and have him as the mascot, but his wife preferred the name "Flint." He happily went along with this, thinking that he could change the company name. Outraged that he couldn't, he quit his job and ran a tackle shop. This made him somewhat deppressed, since he had to sell was his old company's sardines or else he would go out of business. He blamed his son for this, so he never talked to him much and, as a result, never had a good relationship with him when Flint was a kid.

In the sequel, Chester V and/or Barb the orangutan will be the main antagonist(s).

If we were to count the credits in Cloudy 2, then that means...
That the credits from the first film were actually some sort of idea from the minds of Flint and Sam. If Chewandswallow had never been cleaned up, then the credits from the first film wouldn't make much sense...

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