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The anime is Sanrio's answer to The Office

Characters from the shorts who were only in the background or absent in the Netflix series will have bigger roles in season 2
There were several funny and cute characters from the shorts who did not appear or only were extras in the Netflix series. I think that some of them will come back in season two because it would be a waste of good characters if they didn’t show up.

Haida is a virgin and it is going to be very awkward when he and Retsuko try having sex for the first time if that ever happens.
Haida might not even know that girls don’t have penises if they are not spotted hyenas.

Puko will return.
Many fans think Puko was just a plot device to demonstrate the difficulties of one quitting a job and then starting their own small business right away. A future arc will take Puko out of her scrappy status and have her do everything she can to truly help Retsuko in her time of need.
  • Puko is at least partly Rescued from the Scrappy Heap during the "Metal Christmas" special, as she's shown working her butt off to keep the business running and being unable to hang out with Retsuko over Christmas as a result.

Ton is trying to groom Retsuko
It's mentioned over in the Heartwarming section that Ton more or less admitted he knows Retsuko has what it takes to replace him some day. In that same episode, he also mentioned that his own bosses treated him mercilessly. Ton may be trying to mentor Retsuko to be a stronger, more self confident person, in his own horribly misguided way.

Fenneko is in love with Haida
Unfortunately she has a serious case of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, which is why she's always trying to help set him up with Retsuko.

Fenneko started the rumor that Retsuko had a baby.
First, she gets to see Haida go overboard for a rumor, which is funny. Then Haida asks what the 'truth' is, meaning Retsuko gets embarrassed when having to explain. Two-for-one special!

ENI-O will become an antagonist in Season 3.
Tadano's remark that Retsuko's job will be rationalized away will come true. After ENI-O leaves beta, the company will buy one of it to support then eventually replace the entire Accounting Department. Its employees and Ton will have to work together to sabotage the AI. Might involve A.I. Is a Crapshoot.

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