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Agni's Philosophy will be the basis for the inevitable Final Fantasy XVI.

Agni gon' be in Final Fantasy XV, yo.
So the most recent demo has an Agni who is built beyond the spec for XV, but setting that aside for a second, consider:

  • The Prime Minister in this movie looks suspiciously like Idola Aldercapt. Probably not him, given the guns and the ouchies and all that, but it's quite possible they're related.
  • Agni would fill that ol' hole in the player group.
  • The biggest one is this: there's a huge emphasis on the sun and sunlight in both demos. One of the major nations in XV, in fact the only one we either haven't seen in media or hasn't been elaborated on in any way, is Solheim. Linking the events of Agni's, with Agni perhaps coming in to tell Noctis what's up, would be a good setup for introducing the idea that the conflict of the game is even bigger than it first appears.
    • She is not in the game in any way, shape, or form. The reason Solheim has no real significance in XV's plot is because it was an ancient nation that is long gone, and it has been succeeded by the Empire of Niflheim which is located where Solheim used to be.

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