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You are walking with your three explorer friends when two of them walk away on their own. You and your partner use a flare gun, noticing a giant castle. The two of you walk inside when suddenly you are knocked out. You wake up in a strange room, before noticing a walkie talkie on a nearby table...

We Were Here is a two player cooperative puzzle game developed by Total Mayhem Games and released February 3rd, 2017 for free on Steam.

You play as either the explorer or the librarian, with the other player taking on the opposite role. The explorer must complete puzzles to advance to the next room, but the explorer needs assistance from the librarian, who will have to help them solve the puzzle over the walkie talkie using books, maps, charts and various other things in the library they are in.

A sequel, We Were Here Too was released a year later on February 2nd, 2018 on Steam, and then a second sequel, We Were Here Together, was released October 10th, 2019.


WARNING: Spoilers for the puzzles will be below.

We Were Here contains examples of:

  • Comm Links: The explorer and the librarian communicate through the walkie talkies they both find at the start of the game.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: One player must stay on the pressure plate to allow the other to escape through the gate.
  • Timed Mission: There are three puzzles which require that the explorer solves it before something happens that will result in their death. The first one is the rising water puzzle, the second is the frozen chess game and the third is the Haunted Theatre where the Marionette slowly approaches.

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