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Sacred Earth is a series of RPG Maker games developed by Sacred Star Team, with the canon being rebooted several times before Sacred Earth - Promise became the first commercial release in 2018.

The snowy city of Garenia is home to people of many races, and the city itself is on a floating continent, Miltiades, that is slowly rediscovering Ether technology due to the fallout of a war. Garenia is currently peaceful due to the effort of its Vanguard mercenaries, but this peace is broken due to reports of a mysterious group of Relic thieves and rumors of a girl falling from the sky. There are also rumors of the Prophets, reincarnations of the Apostles who stopped an ancient war, who are destined to guide civilization once more.

Completed games in this series include:

Incomplete games in the series include:
  • Sacred Earth - New Theory (VX Ace), started development in 2018, with a short IGMC demo available on This time, Veili and Gunnar are the protagonists, and they must contend with a curse that's causing the entire continent to crumble. When they attempt to approach a mysterious tower, they get teleported inside one of the floors. Now they have to climb the tower while surviving against the executives of Illuminate.

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  • Cast From HP: In Promise and New Theory, if a character tries to continue their Strike Chain with less than 5 EP, the next strike will still activate, but the character will lose HP instead. This can be used to end battles slightly faster, but can also leave the character vulnerable to being knocked out.
  • Combos: In Promise and New Theory, normal attacks can be chained into more normal attacks (5 total) or an EX Art if the character has enough EX. Each normal attack consumes 5 EP, and while the game allows characters to continue attacking with 0 EP, doing so will consume their LF instead. Similarly, offensive EP Arts can be chained into an EX Art, an AOE spell, or a strong single-target spell, though this requires the character to learn prerequisite skills. Finally, characters can learn Exceed Limits that chain from EX Arts.
  • Cooldown: Most EP Arts and Focus have cooldown times, though EX Recover will reduce cooldowns by a certain amount. This is to balance how support EP Arts don't eat up a character's turn.
  • Defend Command: The Focus command reduces damage and heals LF, EP, and EX, but has a one turn cooldown to prevent the player from spamming it.
  • Difficulty Levels: In Promise and New Theory, there are Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare difficulties, with all of them modifying enemy stats and the last one giving enemies exclusive skills.
  • Floating Continent: The main location of the setting, Miltiades, is described as a floating continent, which becomes a problem when the continent starts crumbling in New Theory.
  • Harder Than Hard: In Promise and New Theory, Hard mode multiplies enemy stats by 1.25 while Nightmare mode multiplies enemy stats by 1.5 on top of giving them additional skills. Considering enemies are fairly strong even on normal difficulty, that 1.5 multiplier is no joke. The description for that difficulty also recommends saving a lot because the player is probably going to die a lot.
  • The Multiverse: The setting consists of several worlds, one of which includes the floating continent of Miltiades. Unfortunately, the events of Alternative caused a Celestial Tree to spawn, threatening the stability of all worlds.
  • Nintendo Hard: Since playable characters have their own elemental weaknesses, it's easy for the enemies to KO them easily if they hit with the correct element. This requires the player to efficiently use EX Recover, buff skills, and Focus to keep themselves alive. While Promise and New Theory have difficulty settings, even the easiest setting will punish reckless gameplay, especially due to the lack of items.
    Tropes in Sacred Earth - New Theory 
  • Ambiguously Evil: Although the Illuminate organization is responsible for stealing artifacts from various countries, their connection to the Curse is unknown and the protagonists aren't sure if they're responsible. The fact that Melodia spares the party despite being annoyed by their antics makes it questionable how malicious the group truly is.
  • The Battle Didn't Count: Melodia Akkakios is the boss of the demo, but after her battle, she's treated as being no worse for the wear, though she spares the party for unknown reasons.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: In the demo, the only monster to fight alone is the Lamia, which is so strong that the developer recommends being at Rank 4 to fight her. This is even more true for her Champion version, which starts the battle with a permanent stat boost.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: In the demo at least, Veili and Gunnar show a lot less friction in their relationship than Priel and Perrine, despite being Polar Opposite Twins. Gameplay-wise, the Myrrine siblings cover the other four elements that the Aylin siblings don't have and their buffs focus on their partner's primary offensive stats rather than their own.
  • Darker and Edgier: Compared to Promise, New Theory starts out with higher stakes due to a Curse that is causing the floating continent of Miltiades to crumble.
  • Evil Tower of Ominousness: The Vanguard discover a mysterious tower that seems to be connected to the curse eating away at Miltiades. When they try to get close with their aircraft, the tower teleports Veili and Gunnar onto one of the floors, which features a grassy landscape that shouldn't be possible inside a tower.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: Illuminate states that they want to reveal the hidden truths of the world, but their goals beyond that are unknown.
  • Opportunistic Bastard: Whether or not Illuminate caused the world-destroying Curse is ambiguous, but they have no problem taking advantage of the chaos to steal relics.
  • Standard Evil Organization Squad: Balcruade and Zuleika's relic stealing organization is revealed to be called "Illuminate," with all of its important members being called "Pillars."
  • Warm-Up Boss: The only mandatory boss of the demo is Melodia, who can hit fairly hard but mainly uses shadow elemental attacks, which Veili and Gunnar resist by default.

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