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Advertisement: is a video game created for Steam by Hassey Enterprises, inc. in 2016. It's an .io game/Maze Game hybrid. In it, emojis chase other emojis in a maze filled with gems. Collecting gems boosts an emoji's max powerup duration, which boosts the time emojis can eat other emojis after collecting a spiral like powerup, collect more gems from the opponent's remains, and it goes on.

This game provides examples of:

  • One-Hit Point Wonder: Everybody dies with only one powered up player collision.
  • Absurdly High Level Cap: Getting the energy bar to maximum is close to impossible. It requires 10000 points, and it's tough to get even 500.
  • Anyone Can Die: No matter how much gems you have, eventually someone will get you.
  • Controllable Helplessness: If a powered up player with a big energy bar start changing you, you can try to run away, but since power ups increase movement speed, you're probably boned.
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  • Emoticon: Everyone is an emoji, so it's a given.
  • Endless Game: There's no end to the chase. The only thing that comes close to a conclusion is getting the highest possible powerup duration.
  • Killer Rabbit: The most cute or innocent looking emojis like angels or hearts may be the deadliest.
  • Super Mode: Getting the power up will give boosted speed, invincibility, and the ability to kill other players.


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