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  • In the Marvel and DC Comics crossover JLA/Avengers, Superman says to The Mighty Thor, "Tell yourself that, Mister... Ease yourself to sleep at night while you let your world go to hell! Where I come from, though, LIVES MATTER!" When Thor tries to bring Mjölnir on his head, Superman catches the hammer, causing an astonished Thor to react, "Odin's beard! How can you...? The mightiest... mightiest in Nine Worlds cannot..." Superman retorts, "S-sorry... sorry to disappoint... but in... my world, it looks like the dials GO UP TO ELEVEN!" and crushes Thor with a roundhouse punch, knocking him out cold. This caused a LOT of controversy among comic book fans.
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  • The Casket of Ancient Winters from the Thor comics is a weird example of this. It created a winter so cold when opened that frost giants started freezing to death.
  • The Singaporean Mr. Kiasu calls himself "a 101% true-blue Singaporean".
  • In Dork Tower, anything Igor Olman does will eventually come to this.
  • Issue 27 of Transmetropolitan has one after the main characters confront a senator about his porno dealings.
  • President Rexall of Give Me Liberty is Reaganism turned Up to Eleven.
  • Doom: "I`m the man! I`m a bad man! How bad? Real bad! I'm a 12.0 on the 10.0 scale of badness!"
  • In Teen Titans Go!, issue #38 has Mad Mod panicking over the titans cranking it up to eleven.
    Mad Mod: "Oh, no! These amps only go to ten... but those lads and lassies are rockin' to eleven at least!"
    • And let's not forget issue #51.
      Cyborg: "Looks like I'm going to have to crank this all the way up to eleven..."
  • According to The Multiversity Guidebook #1, EVERYTHING is super on Earth-48. From the animals, to the plants, to the television shows. The superheroes here are of the "Fifth World" and were made to trade blows with Darkseid himself.
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  • Laff-A-Lympics: In a flashback from when Dread Baron and Dick Dastardly used to play cards together, Dread wins by having 72,468 aces.
  • Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Never Speak Ill of the Dead. Sally Avril was an awful person to Peter Parker in her life. She mocked and bullied him, didn't care about his uncle's death, and when she saw Liz talking to him (she was offering him her condolences) she coaxed Liz away rather than offer her own sympathy to Peter. When Jason Ionello attempted to prank Peter by stealing all the clothes in his gym bag while he's showering, she was the only one who approved of the prank when all of her friends thought Jason crossed the line from funny to overly cruel. She even tried to blackmail Peter when she became the superhero Bluebird to take her pictures. But when she died in a car accident trying to take pictures of a Spider-Man fight, Peter acted like he lost a good friend and wonderful person in his life. He talked about how she was vital and alive and fun to be around. While it's understandable why her friends miss her because they were also unpleasant people, Peter had no reason to mourn her. However, Peter blames himself for her death and it was implied that his guilt was causing him to project Sally as a better person than she was. It was only while talking with Johnny Storm, who pointed out that her death was not his fault and given her behavior she was likely to get herself killed sooner or later no matter what Spider-Man did or didn't do, did he let go of his guilt.


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