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Howdy. This particular troper is (currently) a twenty seven year old hailing from California. I've been on an ongoing pilgrimage that has lasted nine years so far. Reading the articles here has given me the power to accurately predict most story plotlines due to constant study. Also, I didn't know that Invincible had a Thragg before I grabbed it. Random name generators are fun, no?

Nightmare Fuel is fascinating to me, and I'm perfectly willing to go out of my way to find some. Close attention is paid to the origin of why it happens in a given story. It may be due to such stories not having a clear-cut victory for the hero like practically all media, or just perverse curiosity.


I keep trying to give some Wiki Magic back to TvTropes by repairing red links, adding context to blank entries when possible, and correcting atrocious spelling and grammar. My greatest nemesis during page editing are the Notes and Labelnotes, as they work in precise and arcane ways. All this nitpicking leads me to new stories, which is why I keep checking in every day or two. Notable influences are the works of Sir Pratchett, Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, CarnEvil, Jet Set Radio and the Looney Tunes. While it's a common joke that this site will ruin your life, I've spent enough time here to know that it's for the better to be here.

Feel free to change any edits that I make, as I am far from perfect and constantly miss mistakes while editing, and some of my past examples were better classed as other tropes.


If one of my edits is considered wrong, could you please not just delete it while saying something unhelpful like "bad idea" or similar low-effort Edit Reasons? I really appreciate knowing why my edits are outright deleted, so that I don't make the same mistake again later on. Thanks in advance.

    Editing Projects 
  • Burst Angel: Attending to this for sentimental reasons. Working to fill out the page, as this is an anime without a large fanbase. Rewatching series in order to do this properly.
  • Iron Hearts: The premise seems interesting to me, and the page needs a lot of work. Most of the entries are only one to six words. As this is apparently a Door Stopper, this is going to take awhile.
  • No other set projects at this time, and I mostly meander through the site with the well-used Random Trope Button.

    Favorite Works 
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero: Could have been a very long story, as it combined an already troperiffic series with, well, the trope repository itself. It ran into unforeseen tragedy as of January 17th, 2014, due to the author committing suicide. Have long since given up on it ending, as the person who said they'd finish it has vanished from this site. It's a good read if you don't mind reading fanfiction from a dead anime and it not being complete, but it's difficult for me to reread it now.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: Bizarre blend of the Magical Girl legend and Dungeon Keeper, the ultimate villain training simulation. A brilliant protagonist using her intelligence to be a good Keeper, trying to go back home without dooming her entire world to a dark pantheon of gods, while dealing with other Keepers and her unwanted reputation as the ultimate perverted deviant. While fun, I'm not sure if it's dead or still being written.
  • Persona4: A game I shouldn't have ignored all those years ago. Supernatural murder mystery, which will be solved through the Power of Friendship. I cannot consult its page due to spoilers.