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I realized there's a point where I have too much makeup on... but if I just push past it, it's fine.

Madeira (Madeira Darling to most of the internet) is troper, and a genderqueer/genderfluid high-femme, feminine oriented (they like femmes of all genders) author, sex educator, feminist theorist, and kinkster.

They have worked as a stripper, a stand up comic, a social coach for young people with developmental disabilities, a nanny, and a professional dominatrix.


Their work has been published primarily in Cleansheets magazine. They are AFAB and due to their appearance are usually read as female. They spend most of their time being fabulous and sleeping with glam rock musicians. They collect vinyl records and vintage prom dresses. They know that if their life were a sitcom that they would be best suited to playing the wacky girlfriend (or boyfriend, their gender varies day to day) rather than the lead character because they aren't relatable enough, but their clumsiness, epic untidiness and outlandish fashion sense (they will wear a ball gown grocery shopping) make them the ideal wacky romantic partner of a more relatable lead. They own far too many shoes, and are unashamed of being a fujoshi. They are terrifyingly obsessed with David Bowie. As you may have noticed their preferred pronoun is usually they, but they will accept he or she as well. They are a lifestyle submissive. They hail from New York City originally, but currently reside in Massachusetts.




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