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Just Magic Conan 14 under a different name, due to a password problem. Well, MagicConan14 has many names, so it wasn't much of a problem anyway. ...Did you notice this page is mostly in third person?

Some works done under the Magic Conan 14 (or Chesarka) name which aren't documented on that page:
  • Alleyway at Night (teased but never published)
  • Conquest Dreams (Boueibu fanfic, notable in that it was started on angelsdemonsnthings instead of due to there not being a category for it when it began)
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  • Protector (oneshot)
  • Rainbow (teased but never published)
  • Ro Te O (specifically its revival, Resurrected Angels: Rebirth and the revival of Crimson, The Future is Crimson, before that)
  • Superhero Project
  • White Parasite (teased but never published)

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