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Hello! I am the Invisible Jester, making edits to improve articles everywhere in TV Tropes! Don't worry, even if you can't see me I'm a relatively nice fool - think the complete opposite of an Evil Clown - though I do get a bit sarcastic, snarky, and mischievous at times. I began Troping as an anonymous user, and would probably have stayed that way had TV Tropes not imposed the "Get Known" requirement in order to edit pages. Even before that, I had contemplated getting an account just for the sake of making my efforts known to others with a similar interest. This is one wiki that I edit, but it is not the only wiki I edit for - I also edit for the Closing Logos Group Wiki (located here if anyone's interested), a small Myst-related wiki called Mystlore, and I've even done a little anonymous editing for The Other Wiki! I tend to edit a little bit of everything here, generally adding examples and clearing up grammar and spelling errors rather than making new pages.


I have numerous hobbies and interests, including Comics (specifically Batman), Retro gaming, writing (I have a website called Wordflow, which connects all my written work as well as containing a blog called Musings), art, music (I play the oboe and have a little theatrical vocal training for musicals), and more. I also do video game Let's Plays, mostly of DOS, abandonware, and adventure games, though the occasional flash or horror game is not out of the question. You can find me on Youtube at my channel located here.

I am fairly well-read and tend to enjoy horror stories (I'm a big fan of Poe and Lovecraft) or crime novels as well as poetry. I collect dragons and have well over 80 separate examples in my collection. I'm a college student intending to pursue an Associate's in Chemistry - that means I know quite a bit about chemistry in general, and am not afraid to tell you if you're failing it forever. I'm also pretty good at algebra, trigonometry, and statistics, and will similarly tell you if you're failing them forever. My favorite characters tend to be villains, and they tend to be particularly crazy ones (The Joker is my favorite villain from the DCU, and I'd have to say Venom is my favorite from the Marvel Universe). I like just about any music genre as long as the music is good, but I am rather fond of techno/electronica, most rock, and most alternative rock - and I greatly respect the classics (most of my favorite bands and singers are rock bands from pre-2000, such as Pink Floyd, Ozzy, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, etc.), although I have my fair share of artists from the Oughties as well (Lady Gaga [STFU, I know], fun., Maroon 5, Adele, Shinedown, etc.). I enjoy reading Creepypasta and am a fan of The Slender Man Mythos (Protip: behind you is a very bad place for you to look right now...) as well as Video Game and "Lost Episode" style Creepypastas - the more psychological the horror or primal the fears are, the better in my opinion. Besides that, I am a phan, am fairly well-known in communities dedicated to the Myst series of adventure games (albeit under another name), and helped write articles for a smallish blog dedicated to The Joker called RancidRainbow (now defunct, sadly). I am also a Whovian and I particularly like quirky Doctors, such as Four and Eleven (though I also highly respect David Tennant's portrayal).


Caveat Emptor:

  • I have a very dry, British-style sense of humor that tends to verge on the sarcastic, ironic, dark, and dry. And when I say dark, I mean dark. I have been known to make people cry with my sarcasm before and I apologize in advance if you are hurt by any quips I make. I assure you, I am not just doing it to be a bitch. Do let me know if I start going overboard and get a little too snarky; the last thing I want is for people to consider me a jerk or a troll, because I am neither of those things.
  • I am also hugely fond of puns and have been known to drive people crazy with my love of them - I see them not as the lowest form of humor, but the first stage of true wit, and believe that only the lamest of puns are truly "annoying" or "bad". Bad puns sincerely do make me laugh. How bad? Batman & Robin bad ("What killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE!"). I apologize in advance.
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  • I am a little bit of a Nightmare Fetishist when it comes to some things and very little truly squicks me. Let me know if I'm going a little too far, especially with gore, anatomical details, or generally icky things.
  • I take both racist and homophobic behavior very seriously and do not appreciate racist or homophobic jokes. Do not use sexual orientation or racist slurs near me; I will go off. In return, I will try to be sensitive to your own triggers.
  • I try not to take myself too seriously, but I am a bit of a Grammar Nazi and I have a few pet peeves when it comes to errors in text:
    • Missing or gratuitous punctuation.
    • Blatant spelling errors.
    • Chatspeak, 13375p33|< and TXTTLK.
    • Misused apostrophes or not using an apostrophe at all (the BIGGEST pet peeve of mine).
    • Redundant statements or words that are used too often, especially when there are other substitutes for both available (and if you need a word I can probably point you in the right direction; I'm seriously the closest thing to a human Thesaurus I know). The only time I'm okay with this is when it's a joke.
  • I know enough Spanish to hold a short, potentially grammatically incorrect conversation, and I can probably speak to most hispanohablantes in their native tongue, but I am not a fluent Spanish-speaker. If you ask me to translate some Spanish for you, do not expect a perfect translation. I have a basic gist of other Romance languages due to studying Spanish for several years, but I do not speak French, Italian, Portuguese, or Latin (as dead as dead can be), and cannot provide accurate translations for them.
  • I do not self-censor except in front of minors (and I don't mean the kind that play that video game where you make pickaxes out of diamonds and everything is a cube, either), so expect a few goddamn expletives from me every so fucking often. I do attempt to keep language in check, and only use it when it's needed for emphasis, however there are certain words you'll never hear me say, because I just don't like them.
  • I tend to be highly opinionated. This is why I do not enjoy getting into flame wars, because once I start I'm just never able to quit until I "win". I am well aware of this flaw of mine and would rather not have it pointed out.

Oh, and for the record, I'm a chick. From America.


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