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Just a little about myself.

What is UP, guys. My name (or rather my handle) is Chilifro, and I will be one of your resident crazy-ass writers. My style of writing does get quite gory, so if that isn't what you like, know, don't read it. Obviously. I usually alternate between horror and action, usually leaning towards action. I am also only fourteen (and three-quarters) years old, so forgive overusage of clichés and the bad tropes that are lying around here on this site.

Also, this.

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Be nice, guys...that is, if anyone is going to write here. Get rid of this when necessary.

My favorite things!

TV shows!

  • Good Luck Charlie. It is the only Disney Channel show I will ever watch anymore. Mostly because Disney is finally taking a more mature avenue with their humor...YMMV, of course.
  • NCIS. One of the best crime shows, in my opinion. Along with...
  • Freakin' CSI New York. Gary Sinise for the win, baby.
  • World's Dumbest. I like watching B-List celebrities commentate on dumb people. Mostly because half the time their opinions are of the worst kind, and I like ranting at them loudly in the middle of the night.
  • America'sFunniestHomeVideos. I watch this show for almost the same reason as World's Dumbest, but I actually like Tom Bergeron, but I wonder sometimes why the audience thinks some of these videos are funny...
  • Manswers. I don't watch it for the answers, though...well, sometimes.
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  • GTTV. Mostly for the Squee|s I get to exert. Especially witnessing Ezio Auditore about to shank Nightmare. You would not believe the happy-gasm I had at that.


...Yes, I read these. Shut up.

Video games!

What can I say, I multi-task.


Vandalise below this here bulletin thingy!...well, that is, if you're going to vandalise. Does anyone even know I exist?

  • Don't worry. I know you exist. Even if you don't know me. First! -Rivux
  • You exist because people think you do. In fact, Chilifro and the real you exist simultaneously, but Chilifro isn't present. Confusing, isn't it? -desdendelle

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