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Trivia / Ultraman Saga

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  • Deleted Scene: A scene that was cut from the film featured Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack, Ace, and Leo fighting Antlar, Pandon, Black King, Velokron, and Tyrant, all revived by Alien Bat to slow down the main heroes' progress against Hyper Zetton Ultimately what became of the scene was used in Ultraman Retsuden and eventually released with the director's cut.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: According to early trailers to the film, Ultraman Dyna and Earthtron's fight was supposed to go on much longer, but it only lasts one minute in the actual film.
  • Role Reprise:
    • All of Super GUTS except Mai (whose actress was on maternity leave) return in this film, as well as Musashi Haruno, with Ayano appearing briefly.
    • The above-mentioned Deleted Scene would have featured appearances from Shin Hayata, Dan Moroboshi, Hideki Goh, Seiji Hokuto and Gen Ohtori as well.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The film's original body was DRASTICALLY different than the film now. Originally it was going to feature not only the same cast of monsters (minus Alien Bat) and Ultras, but also Ultraman Justice, Team EYES, Ultraman King, Ultraman Mebius, AND The Ultimate Force Zero going into battle against Dark Zagi! The climax would've involved Ultraman Legend, Mebius Infinity, and Ultraman Saga (being Zero and Dyna merged together instead) fighting against Dark Lucifer (Dark Zagi's scrapped One-Winged Angel!)
    • The climax of the current form was different as well. Hyper Zetton would've been created by absorbing Chaos Header 0, causing the Ultra Brothers to rescue her by fighting Hyper Zetton. However, due to the massive scale that was needed to shoot the scene, as well as the audience's lack of knowledge about Ultraman Cosmos, the concept was abandoned.
    • The film was to have a different plot, involving a group of scientist survivors fighting against with Alien Bat on Earth. Alien Bat's design in this scenario had him wear a suit and a mask that made him heavily resembled that of Batman. Yes, THAT Batman.
    • Another early idea for the film was to be an epilogue to Dyna's series. This idea was turned down as Takeshi Tsuruno (Shin Asuka's actor) thought that Asuka's wanderings should not be concluded at that point.
    • Additionally, Takkong was going to appear in the film, but was replaced by Gubira instead