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  • Acting for Two: Several, most with even three roles, hence some of the Talking to Theirselves moments:
    • Nanami Yua has three; she voices Pril, Sies, and Pelu.
    • Satsuki has two; she voices Al the Blackcat and Ptheni.
    • Rio Kisaka also plays three roles; she voices Chime, Lili, and as of Trouble Witches AC and NEO!, Louis.
    • Rule of Three again with Kotetsu Arakawa; in Trouble Witches AC he's Toras and Conon's father, and in NEO! he's Uruchi.
    • Another three from Sachika Souno; in Trouble Witches AC, she's Lyla's partner Sasha, Wrinkle Mail, and Snowberry White.
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    • And another three Jun Kaidou; he voices Aqua's butler Spur, Luca's grandfather Victor in NEO!, and the Big Bad himself the Drauphnir.

    • And in the English version, Al, Sakurako and Ptheni all share the same voice actress. That certainly explains some things.
    • Chime/Bella and Lili/Lilly likely also share a voice actress in the English dub. They sound practically identical, with the latter just being louder.
  • Bad Export for You: "Blind Idiot" Translation? Check. Abridged storylines? Check. Terrible English voice-overs with an Inconsistent Dubbing complete with Engrish? Big check. No Sies Fabric Tinydream as a playable character? Check. Yup, Trouble Witches NEO! fits this bill quite nicely.
  • Name's the Same: When Sakurako declares "Kujo Sakurako is here!", she isn't referring to a genius scientist aiding the police.
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  • No Export for You: While the first game itself averts this thanks to being (poorly) localized by SNK Playmore on Xbox Live Arcade, Sies Fabric Tinydream remains only playable in the original PC version of Trouble Witches Episode 1 and the NESiCAxLive version of Trouble Witches AC; she was never made playable in Trouble Witches NEO!. This was finally rectified as of the release of Trouble Witches Origin which brought back Sies as a playable character and was released overseas on Steam.
  • Playing Against Type: So far with Junca's known voice-acting roles in doujin games, she manages to pull off a cute, young girl's voice as Meil Mail (Venus Borialis in the dub) compared to her role as Grolla Seyfarth and Gloriana.
  • Talking To Themselves: Since the original game, Nanami Yua happens to voice Pril Patowle and Sies Fabric Tinydream.
    • In Trouble Witches AC Loius Leondyke is voiced by Rio Kisaka, who also happens to voice both Chime Brown and Lili Reacmaier.
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    • Sachika Souno, who's both Lyla's partner Sasha and Snowberry White.
    • Talking to Himself with Jun Kaidou as the voice of Spur, the Draupnir, and now as of Trouble Witches NEO!, Luca's grandfather Victor.
    • In Neo's dub, Sakurako, Al, and Ptheni all share the same voice actress.
  • Vapor Ware: Trouble Witches 2. It was announced around 2013-2014, neglected showing anything about the game's status years later, and eventually no longer featuring the game on their official website by 2018. It's unknown whether or not if Studio SiestA is still working on the game or if it has been scrapped entirely.


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