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  • Trouble Witches NEO's! English dub, depending on your preference on voice-acting quality.
  • Any moment where Aqua's Berserk Button is pressed.
  • Chime's excellent talent of pretending to be a train-jacker's hostage in the original game.
  • Symphony's sole reason for fighting Amalgam and her childen. She thought that they have stolen her crown, but turns out that she had it the entire time. She even pulled out of her pocket, put it on her head, and not even realize it was there. Ponta tries to tell her that the crown wasn`t stolen, but Symphony was too much of scatter-brain to even listen.
    • Later in Symphony's story, she desperately wanted to get out the freezing Slippy-Slidey Ice World of Snowberry's stage and into someplace much warmer. Little did she know that the next stage would be a volcanic inferno. Lilly makes things worse for her by offering some of her own twisted hospitality with a heater, a bowl of hot soup, and a cup of hot cocoa. Symphony couldn't take the heat and barfed on the spot.
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  • The fact that Louis' parents forced a hefty loan to their poor daughter can seen as funny.
  • Victor lampshading that Draupnir may have a lolita complex considering that the Mail sisters, and his granddaughter Luca, don't look older than 12 in Trouble Witches NEO!.
  • Chime's double Big "NO!" after losing to Aqua in the English dub of Trouble Witches NEO!.
  • Conon's father ends up with a "Shaggy Dog" Story ending.
  • Sakurako learns that a Magical Girl transformation is not what it's cracked up to be.
  • You earn an Achievement for getting kicked from the Pumpkin Girls' shop in Trouble Witches NEO! thirteen times.
    • Also inside the shop, there are four Xbox 360s lined-up in the background, and one of them has a Red Ring of Death.


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