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With all the characterizations involved, a Character Sheet was created for Trouble Witches.

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Characters introduced in Episode 1

Main characters

    Pril Patowle & Al the Blackcat
Pril voiced by Nanami Yua
Al voiced by Satsuki

Pril is a 12-year-oldnote  witch-in-training as she is going through her apprenticeship of becoming a witch. She lives alone by the Hillvicott Forest and she sees her master everyday to study on her magic. She is easygoing, polite, and a hardworker, although is also somewhat dull and clumsy.

Pril's story starts off one day where she sees her master to continue her studies. However, her master wasn't home and she only found a talking cat named Al at her master's doorsteps with a message from her master. Pril's master stating he was too busy taking care of other things and wants Pril to stop Amalgam and her children from wrecking havoc at Eihemland as a final test of her apprenticeship in his absence. At the ending of their adventure, Pril's master never returned home, thus was never able to graduate from her apprenticeship, although Pril hinted that Al may be her master taking form a black cat.

Pril serves as the game's all-around character with a four-way spread shot while Al shoots a fireball in front of him.

Tropes relating to Pril:

Tropes relating to Al:

  • Cats Are Magic: Al can shoot fireballs and appears to be a witch as well.
  • Scarf Of Asskicking: Wears a long orange scarf and Al's capable of dealing some decent damage when not being used to put up a barrier.
  • She's a Man in Japan: A strange variant; Al is obviously voiced by a female voice actor, but the translation of Trouble Witches NEO! still refers to him as a male. However, Origins, Al has been referred as a "she" throughout that game since Al is likely Lady Kabura, Arlia's and Amalgam's mentor.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Aru in the English dub.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Of warm milk. Pril connected the dots to this and her master's favorite drink.
  • Unexplained Accent: Al has a Japanese accent in the dub for some reason.

    Aqua Seep Seal & Spur
Aqua voiced by Rei Ayukawa
Spur voiced by Jun Kaidou

Aqua Seep Seal is a 17-year-oldnote  genius and a famous pop-star idol of Tio Ferris, a magical land under the sea. She does have family relatives, but she lives alone with the family butler, Spurnote . She has a modest personality, although it is said that she has a darker side...

Lately her Idol Singer career has been in a rut and she needs to find a way to bring pop-idol status back to super-stardom. It was then she received one of the King of Eihemland's flyers, she seeks the opportunity to get back on top of the charts. With that, Aqua and Spur set out to stop Amalgam's children from causing trouble throughout the land... and make them a part of her new band.

Aqua can fires a five-way spread shot and excels in defense but lacks mobility and her MP Recovery is slower than others, while Spur shoots a penetrating shot.

Tropes relating to Aqua:

  • An Ice Person: Aqua has some uses of ice magic, according to her Tomboyish Witches profile.
  • Angrish: When Aqua's pissed off.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her stage outfit exposes a fair amount of her midriff.
  • Berserk Button: Never talk shit about Aqua, or her outfit, or Idol Singer career. It won't end well for you...
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Aqua might seem nice at a glance, but piss her off and it'll be the last thing you'll do.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Aqua's easily one of the angriest, meanest heroines of the game.
  • Cute Monster Girl: She appears to be a humanoid mermaid/siren from an undersea country.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Invoked throughout her story as Aqua as recruitnote  Amalgam's children to form her band to atone for the damages they caused.
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: Versus Lili.
  • Hair Decorations: Wears a large bow and a very long ribbon on the side of her hair.
  • Hot Witch: Easily one of the more sexier girls of the game with her somewhat revealing idol singer outfit and fairly large bust, with a temper to match.

Tropes relating to Spur:

  • Battle Butler: He's a servant to Aqua and also capable of firing a piercing bullet or provide a barrier.
  • Dub Name Change: Was localized as Spool C'kale in Trouble Witches NEO!.
  • Fish People: A literal talking fish.
  • Making a Splash: Shoots a fast, piercing water bullet when not being used to set-up a barrier.
  • Servile Snarker: He spends most of the game snarking about Aqua, and even narrates her adventures in a bored semi-British voice, like an ocean documentary. She eventually confronts him about it, but given it's Aqua, Spur just denies saying anything.

    Yuki Longate & Minutes the Pig
Yuki voiced by Yutaka Sakai
Minutes voiced by Kanan

Yuki is a 12-year-old girlnote  and a member of the Longate clan that guards a gateway to a mysterious castle up top of a floating island. She unfortunately grew up without her parents there to raise her. Her mother Angela passed on while she was little, and her father Sowah was a total workaholic to even pay any attention to Yuki. Because of this, she has become quite spoiled and selfish. She is also known to often take her frustration out on her "pig", Minutes, yet he doesn't mind being her personal chew toy.

After her father forgotten her birthday, she runs away from home and finds one of the King's flyers. She decides to use the opportunity to mock Amalgam's daughters.

Yuki shoots a triple-directional shot with quick movement but in weak defense while Minsk fires a spread shot.

Tropes relating to Yuki:

  • Freudian Excuse: Throughout her story, she acts aggressive towards any that crosses her path in her journey because her workaholic father. The passing of her mother, Angela, doesn't help, either.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Wears her hear in twin-tails.
  • Hair Decorations: Has hair bobbles tied to her twin-tails that resembles Minutes.

Tropes relating to Minutes:

    Sies Fabric Tinydream & The Beast
Sies voiced by Nanami Yua
The Beast voiced by FROZEN

Sies and The Beast are a mid-stage boss for Stages 1, 3, and 5 of Trouble Witches Episode 1 who's also playable in the original PC game, the NESiCAxLive version of Trouble Witches AC and Trouble Witches Origin on Steam. Sies can use her umbrella to fire in a straight line while The Beast throws missiles that explodes on contact.

Tropes relating to Sies:

Tropes relating to The Beast:

    Symphony Porlatt & Ponta
Symphony voiced by Yuria*
Ponta voiced by Mona Fujimiya

A new character introduced in Trouble Witches AC, Symphony is cat fairy princess of fairies. Normally a kind, and down-to-earn girl, although she's also a scatter-brain and she's often sleepy.

One day after one of her naps, she wakes up to find her crown missing. She was convinced that Amalgam's daughters may have stolen it, knowing they are already causing trouble in Eihemland, and summons her servant Ponta to explain the situation. While preparing for pursue Amalgam's daughters, she pulls her crown — the very one she believed to be stolen — and sets off to reclaim it from them. Ponta, tries to tell her crown wasn't stolen, but it was no use for this scatter-brained princess.

Symphony fairly slow but has good defense. She fires linear shot while Ponta creates ultra-sonic waves around him.

Tropes relating to Symphony:

Tropes relating to Ponta:

    Louis Leondyke & Toras
Louis voiced by Rio Kisaka
Toras voiced by Kotetsu Arakawa

A poor 18-year-old Vegabound Witch who's down on her luck, as she suffers from being the current loan shark to her parent's hefty debt with her debt-collector Toras to follow her everywhere she goes. She has walked for days without end, and collapsed one the beach floor to Eihemland. It was then that she found one of the flyers being spread throughout the country and uses the opportunity to use the her wish to pay off her parent's debt. At the end of journey of getting her wish to pay off her parents' debt, she decided not to pay for it after forming a bond with Toras.

Louis is fairly quick with strong defense, but her damage output and MP Recovery are weak. She fires a linear shot while Toras can fire a stream of energy from his beak. They were also introduced into Episode 1 with Trouble Witches AC.

Tropes relating to Louis:

Tropes relating to Toras:

  • Evil Debt Collector: Louis spends her whole life paying her late parents debt to him. And it's played for laughs.
  • Fedora of Asskicking: Wearing a fedora and he's capable of firing a piercing stream of energy as his method of attack.

    Conon Mildiazzhe Krakow & Conon's Papa
Conon voiced by Mameko
Conon's Papa voiced by Kotetsu Arakawa

A young cleric from Tundora, she works for a congregation that no one ever visits while starving and freezing in the cold hollowed walls. It was then that she runs into a floating eyeball: One claiming to be her father turned into a monster. He wants to help his own daughter by restoring order by stopping Amalgam's daughters if she promises him to return him back to normal form with her magic afterwards. While Conon means well in doing good deeds, they way she goes about them more of a jerk than being helpful.

She excels in defense and offense while suffers from slow MP Recovery. Conon shots spiked maces in front of her that falls down to the bottom of the screen after hitting it's target while her father shoots bolts from his eye. They first debuted as unlockable characters in Trouble Witches AC.

Tropes relating to Conon:

Tropes relating to Conon's Papa:

    Lyla Arctauras & Sasha
Lyla voiced by Mana Ohsaki
Sasha voiced by Sachika Souno

Lyla is a princess of the dessert kingdom of Arctauras with an impeccable sixth sense. However, she has low self-esteem issues and doubts herself and her abilities to no end. She awakes one day to find out that the ring of the Draupnir has been stolen despite seeing it happen in her dream, and to make things worse for her, the ring was supposed to be delivered to the King under a warranty. Together with her servant Sasha, they both look throughout Eihemland for a hero a save the kingdom.

Lyla excels in speed, offense, defense, but has the worst MP Recovery. Lyla fires seven-way spread shot while Sasha spits bombs in front of her. Like Conon and her father, they are also introduced as unlockable characters in Trouble Witches AC.

Tropes relating to Lyla:

Tropes relating to Sasha:

    Sakurako Kujo & Uruchi
Sakurako voiced by Mitsu Satou
Uruchi voiced by Kotetsu Arakawa

Sakurako is an astrologist from an Eastern Kingdom who has seen one too many of her fair share of Magical Girl anime series. She grew up so many of them to the point of wanting to becoming a Cute Witch like her favorite animes. Uruchi still insists that she works on being an astrologist like her family before her, but when a flyer from the Kingdom of Eihemland shows up, she takes the opportunity to stop Amalgam's daughter's like a magical girl from her favorite anime series and use her wish to become one.

Sakurako Kujo and Uruchi are two of four characters introduced into Trouble Witches NEO!. Sakurako excels in offense and has good defense though average everywhere else. She shoots beams from her sword while Uruchi breathes an arching stream of fire.

Tropes relating to Sakurako:

  • Butt-Monkey: Most of the opponents she face have never seen a miko before, thinking she's a clown or ridiculing the way she looks or talks.
  • Otaku: Of all things Magical Girl-related.
  • Sword Beam: Her shot-type is basically this.
  • Tareme Eyes
  • Unexplained Accent: Noticing a pattern here? Like Al, she has a Japanese accent. However, since she is a miko from the game's Eastern kingdom, and is heavily into anime, the assumption could be made that she is speaking In-Universe Gratuitous English by a generous enough player.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: She is an "astrologist" who wants to be a magical girl like in her favorite anime series, and spouts a lot of anime, Magical Girl nonsense to every enemy she faces. She learns that her differences in upbringing and training means she will be loved and needed by the world just the way she is: An anime-esque Miko.

Tropes relating to Uruchi:

    Luca Yurievna Vinakol & Victor
Luca voiced by mi~a
Victor voiced by Jun Kaidou

Luca is a devil princess and the heir to Hell's throne. She possesses incredible powers and an insatiable desire to marry the Draupnir. She was convinced that being killed off by him, he was showing signs of affection to her. Her grandfather, Victor, helps his granddaughter find her fiance so they can be happily wed. Afterwards, she plans on getting revenge on humans for imprisoning her. Unfortunately for Luca, it turns that the Draupnir's "signs of affection" were meant to keep her away from the throne so that he may claim it as his own. While things turned out horrible for her, she found a much kinder fiance: Amalgam's only son, Malcem.

Luca and Victor are the other characters introduced in Trouble Witches NEO! as downloadable content. Luca outmatches all others before her with nearly maxed out stats in all areas and double MP compared to the other characters. She can fire a wide spread shot or a linear shot when using her grandfather to create a Magic Barrier. Victor on the other hand hurls bricks at random arcs.

Tropes relating to Luca:

  • Animal-Eared Headband: Wears a hairband with bat-like ears.
  • Bat Out of Hell: Her bat form is seen when she takes a bullet.
  • Captain Oblivious: She spends the entire game chasing her betrothed fiance, oblivious to the fact that he does not like her. He even killed her, and she shrugs it off after recovering as a show of affection.
    Luca: "But a knife through the heart is the most sincere declaration of love amongst demons~!"
  • Cute Monster Girl: She's a humanoid demon girl.
  • Downloadable Content: She can be purchased and downloaded in Trouble Witches NEO! for $2, or at least she was available before the game and her DLC was delisted from Xbox LIVE Arcade.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After getting her heart stepped on by the Draupnir (through Malcem), Luca decided to make Malcem her new fiance due to his kindness.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Wears a bat-themed, strapless Gothic lolita dress with detached sleeves and frills, high-heeled boots with bat wings on the front, a hairband with bat-like ears, and a bow on the back of her head and one on her tail.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses: And a devil princess and the heir to Hell's throne at that.
  • Lethal Chef: During her ending, Luca was in the making a meal fit for a devil for Malcem. She ends up destroying some of Amalgam's kitchenwares in the process.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Easily one of the most powerful characters of Trouble Witches NEO! thanks to her high stats across all areas, being able to cast a large barrier than most characters, quick mobility, high damage output, and has almost double the amount MP than most characters start with.
  • Nice Hat: One of her artworks feature her wearing her grandfather's hat.
  • Magic Staff: Also doubling as a Staff of Authority since she's a princess.
  • Meido: Dressed as one in her ending while working in Amalgam's kitchen.
  • Older Than They Look: She's 100,013-years-old despite not looking a day over 12! She easily puts Yukari Yakumo to shame!
  • Our Demons Are Different: To the point of entering Our Vampires Are Different territory.
  • Pointy Ears: Her actual ears, given that she's a devil girl.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair can reach her knees.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Although she's a princess, instead of laying around waiting for her beloved Draupnir to come to her, she flies across Eihemland and snatches the ring fragments off Amalgam and her children to summon him so they can be wed.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Rucka Iurievna Vinocour in the original Japanese material.
  • Spread Shot: Her basic shot type until she deploys her Magic Barrier, which turns into a focused linear shot.
  • Stalker with a Crush: She had a crush a Draupnir for a very long time and obsessively followed him to gain his affection. Draupnir however did not care for her and his attempts of killing her only made her more attached to him until she finally got the hint.
  • Tsundere: Irritable to almost everyone she runs into, spoony when it comes to the Draupnir.
  • Tsurime Eyes: Has sharp eyes to go with her wickedness.
  • Villain Protagonist: After marrying the Draupnir, she intents to get revenge on the humans who banished her. That didn't became the case though.
  • Winged Humanoid: She has a pair of bat-like wings despite being a demon.
  • You Gotta Have Beige Hair: Although in some of her earlier sketches and other artworks, Luca is seen with lavender hair.

Tropes relating to Victor:

    Fuminoimiki Kozakura & Azuki
Kozakura voiced by syoubee
Azuki voiced by Rio Kisaka

Tropes relating to Kozakura:

Tropes relating to Azuki:


    Yoko Redster & Michael 
Yoko voiced by syoubee
Micheal voiced by JUNCA AMAOTO

    Pero Pero & Elektra 
Pero Pero voiced by Maria Ayana
Electra voiced by JUNCA AMAOTO


    Chime Brown
Chime voiced by Rio Kisaka

Chime Brown is the boss of Stage 1 and Amalgam's third daughter. She's a 14-year-old girl who's an is an energetic and strong-willed, although she's short-tempered and not very bright, despite her mechanical skills. She hi-hacks a train heading into the capital of Eihemland and cause trouble for the people on board. To fool the on-lookers outside of the train, she puts on a disguise to fool them, although it doesn't work for our heroines...

Tropes relating to Chime:

    Wrinkle & Meil Mail
Top: Wrinkle. Bottom: Meil.
Wrinkle voiced by Sachika Souno
Meil voiced by Junca Amaoto (in Trouble Witches NEO!)

Wrinkle and Meil Mail are the bosses of Stage 2 and are respectively Amalgam's fourth and fifth daughters. Both of these girls are identical twins around 8-years-old, and both of them have the ability of manipulating plants, and they don't have much of a sense of right-and-wrong. They use their powers to mess around in a forest for fun.

Tropes relating to Wrinkle and Meil:

    Snowberry White
Snowberry voiced by Sachika Souno

The boss of Stage 3 and Amalgam's second daughter. A 16-year-old girl who hates the cold and doesn't like to take action but she tries to meet her mother's expectations. She personally enjoys tangerines, her kotatsu, and whale stew. She even offers whale stew to her guests, if she gets any.

Tropes relating to Snowberry:

    Lili Reacmaier
Lili voiced by Rio Kisaka

A fiery witch serving as Stage 4's boss and Amalgam's first daughter. She's 18-years old, known to have a hot-temper (pun not intended), high in sex appeal, and can be a sore loser. Lili also does have a sense of responsibility and protecting her family. She acts as the guard to the gateway to Necrophantasm.

Tropes relating to Lili:

  • Beauty Mark: Under the left side of her lower lip.
  • Buxom Is Better: In Luca's story, she brags about how the Draupnir would like her more for her breasts.
  • Showgirl Skirt: In Trouble Witches NEO!; her skirt was not as revealing in the original game.

    Malcem Yukika
Malcem voiced by DARKY

Amalgam's only son and the boss of Stage 5. He's a 13-year-old boy currently suffering form a curse that has made him weak and frail since birth due to his mother bearing the curse. Malcem has a kind, caring personality, largely due to his siblings being girls and he can understands the pain of others. However, with the shard of the Draupnir's ring, he becomes a much sinister person. The reason why he has a shard of the ring in the first place was to help fight off his curse.

Tropes relating to Malcem:

  • Idiot Hair: Subverted since he's clearly not an idiot.
  • Ill Boy
  • Nice Boy: Before he sucombing to his evil side. His kindness also won Luca's heart in her story.

    Amalgam Kallous
Amalgam voiced by Syoobee

Amalgam Kallous is game's titular villian who let's her daughters, each bearing a shard of the Draupnir's ring, and start all sorts of mayhem all throughout Eihemland. By using the Draupnir's power, her family will bring chaos to the entire country. Although her intentions of using the ring were never outright malicious from the get-go. When Amalgam was inflicted with a curse, it was passed on to her son Malcem since birth, and it has made him weak and frail. She did all she could as she waited for Arlia, Pril's mother and a close friend of hers, to come back with a cure to break the curse. She eventually lost hope and fell into despair as she waited for Arlia, which led to her use the Draupnir's power to save her sickly son.

Tropes relating to Amalgam:

  • Dub Name Change: Amalgam Kallous in the original Japanese material, localized as Amalgam Carries in Trouble Witches NEO!, although the game sometimes misspells her first name as Almagam.
  • Mark of the Beast: Part of the demonic possession. They go away when she regains sanity.
  • Meido: In Sakurako's ending, Chrime revealed that Amalgam is working as maid at the King's castle to make up for damages she (unintentionally) caused.

    The Draupnir 
The Draupnir voiced by Jun Kaidou

A much-feared and powerful demon who was sealed away in a ring by Arlia, Pril's mother. However, said ring was stolen by Amalgam, and he uses her and her family to spread chaos all throughout Eihemland. Amalgam only intended to use the ring's power to save her son from her curse until Arlia returned with a cure; she never wanted this happen.

Tropes relating to the Draupnir:

Other characters

    The Pumpkin Sisters 
Ptheni voiced by Satsuki
Pelu voiced by Nanami Yua

The Pumpkin Sisters Pleu and Ptheni are pumpkin elves that fly through the skies of Eihemland to supply the player with various power-ups in their house. Ptheni is the youngest of the two, being 10-years-old (in human years), and mostly minds the shop while Pleu is away. A rather nervous girl around strangers, but she's friendly when she gets to known somebody.

Pleu on the other hand is the oldest being 16-years-old (in human years) and the one in charge of the store. Somewhat selfish, but open-minded and she's always there for her little sister, especially if she ends up attracts the wrong crowd.

Tropes relating to the Pumpkin Sisters:

    Arlia Patowle 
The mother of Pril Patowle, who once defeated the Draupnir prior to the game's story. So far is no where to be seen and her whereabouts are unknown. All there known about her is that she is looking for a cure to break a curse to save Amalgam's son, Malcem; Arlia and Amalgam are close-friends but they've haven't seen each other since they parted ways.

Tropes relating to Arlia:

  • Badass Family: Arlia vanquished the Draupnir once before by herself, and so did her daughter later.
  • Fingerless Gloves: She wears fingerless gloves similarly to her daughter.
  • The Unseen: In Trouble Witches NEO!. There's a few sketches and an artwork that depict her appearance though.

    Sowah Longate 
Yuki's father and only parental figure, after his wife and Yuki's mother's passed on. He gets so caught up his work that he hardly has time for his daughter.

Tropes relating to Sowah:


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