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Trivia / Thrilling Intent

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  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Effectively any female characters in the series as Jay - the GM - is male.
      • Subverted with Ashe and Fae, as Fae came out as a trans woman.
      • Meanwhile, the one time Criana guested on a livestream, she played a male character.
  • Fan Nickname: Bluecoat/Bluecloak before Aryn's name was revealed shortly after her appearance in Everything is On Fire.
    • "Zalvy" for Zalvetta
  • Talking to Himself: Jay with ALL of his characters. Granted, he is the GM
    • It's happened a couple times during the livestreams, too - Koh and Chauncey stopped by the bar, only to end up talking with Ashe and Markus.
  • Trolling Creator: Posts like this are not uncommon from Jackson.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Right here.
  • Word of Gay: Kyrlos. Via Twitter, it was pointed out that his last moments were spent thinking of Zeke. It also hinted that it was one sided.

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