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Nine Shrines Adventures and Dines

The series protagonists, the owners and proprietors of a bar/adventuring service.

     The Group As a Whole: 


     Markus Velafi 

The group's rather flashy and flamboyant Tiefling Sorcelock.

     Gregor Hartway 

The main muscle of the group, Gregor generally possesses all the subtlety of a glaive to the face, both in combat and in conversation.

The group's healer and voice of reason. She has strange powers that totally aren't magic.

     Kyr Fiore 

The group's engineer, kept around mostly out of a mix of pity and the fact that he is Markus's best friend.


The "CEO" of Nine Shrines, who mainly joined with the group to exploit a legal loophole.



A witch from the Runecarver's Guild who first appeared during the "Wizard High School" arc, only to join the group sometime later.


A punch-happy sorcerer who loves to discuss philosophy, even if he doesn't really get it. Nine Shrine's official bouncer as of the Big War arc.


A mysterious blonde woman who seems to be acquainted with Narn. She was sent by the Zeth to paint the world, but has taken up the lyre instead. After she befriends Gregor, she joins in the mass exodus of Onorhians to the Shrouded Isles and takes a job at the bar.



Thog's homeland. Generally an unpleasant place with an obscenely complicated legal system and terrible holidays.


A friend of Thog's who moved from Alaran to Onorhant a while ago.

     The Tax Goat 

The Alarani god of repossession. He shows up every year on the 25th of Twelfthmonth to collect what he is owed. This kills 10% of the Alarani population annually.


Thog's immediate superior while he was working in Meadshire. Appeared in the Incorpageddon arc, The Calm, and almost appeared on the Tension Livestream.

  • Big Bad: Of the Incorpageddon arc.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Imagine Thog with more power and no empathy.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Upon realizing she couldn't get Thog or the team back under Meadshire control, she decided to cut her losses and fire his ass.
  • The Bus Came Back: Has returned in a more passive role as the diplomatic representative/CEO of Meadshire LLC as of The Calm.
  • Married to the Job: Being CEO of Meadshire is apparently a full time gig. Not only does Karen not have any real friends, she doesn't even seem to have hobbies.
  • Reckless Gun Usage: Not personally, but her underlings do not inspire a sense of security. One even triple-wields gus.


An infamously passionate nation that is still feeling the aftereffects of their mostly successful war against their own gods.


A hero of all people who oppose clan rule, Horaven works alongside the Ban to achieve his goals.


A ruthless assassin who hires himself out to the clans. It is eventually revealed that, through some kind of strange technique, he can absorb the power of Spiritfolk into himself.

he's obviously not human anymore, but it's unclear if he ever was fully human or not.]]


A mysterious figure who shows up during Gods are Gone.

Clan Leaders

     Zeke/The Motherfucking Bowel Ripper 

The calm and serene master of the katana that leads the Lily Clan. He really is a master of peace and enlightenment to the core.


The enthusiastic and fight-happy leader of the Rust/Valor Clan.

     Dao the Digger 

The quiet, yet imposing leader of the Gold Clan.



The friendly and adorable pigbat Spiritfolk that the group met on their first excursion to the Shrouded Isles.


A death god that was wreaking havoc in the Shrouded Isles. Later pacified and reduced to its baby form.


The Shrouded Isle's goddess of lanterns and the target of Markus's affections.

     The Warlord 

The Shrouded Isle's resident living nightmare. Is currently trapped in the Prison of Lights

     The Ban 

A legion of warriors clad in magic animal masks that seek to defend the remaining spiritfolk of Onorhant.

  • Animal Motifs: Their masks are each based on different types of animals.
  • Malevolent Masked Man: No matter how you view their cause, there's no denying the fact that they can be pretty damn bloodthirsty.
  • La Résistance: How they see themselves.
  • The Remnant: How mainline Onorhian society sees them.


A Ban who wears a Bat mask who befriends Thog (and later, Ashe.)


A Ban who wears an iguana mask and acts as one of Ashe's closest allies.


An extremely powerful spiritfolk - with the domain of reincarnation - in Onorhant, the leader of the Ban and former head of the disbanded lost fourth clan.


A Spiritfolk of that disappeared when the Onorhians rebelled against the spirits. He took the form of a magical flower known as Telvillian's Tear.


The Spiritfolk master that trained Horaven and Zeke, slain at the hands of "the one in white" when the humans rose up. Former head of the Lily Clan.


A nation ruled by a corrupt order of Golem worshiping Paladins called the Varyndir Order.

     Captain Aftin 

The leader of the Varyndir Order, who wants nothing more than to prolong his order's quest for the head of Varyndir as long as possible so he can continue to get loans from Alaran and generally do nothing but drink and party.


A paladin talented in the ways of artifice and filigree (golemancy) who wishes that his order would get off of its ass.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: He and Sir Dunstan held off a horde of rabid golems to allow the party to escape Altreia via boat. He's still alive, though.
    • He's later conscripted to join Markus Velafi's Conga Line for Peace, and ends up in a major battle. The last we saw of him, he had more than a few knife wounds, plus was at the center of a magical explosion It might have stuck this time around.
  • Only Sane Man
  • Science Hero
  • Token Good Teammate


A sentient golem that accompanies Aftin on foreign travels.


An unimaginably ancient golem head that was lost for millennia, only to be found shoved under a bucket.

     Sir Dunstan 

A golem from the Silk Age of Altreia who guards Varyndir. As an older golem, he possesses emotions and, as such, speaks almost entirely in inspirational quotes.



A shifty masked artifact dealer who employs a retinue of imp-like rat monsters.


One of the Zeth, an incredibly powerful insect-like creature that feeds on Spiritfolk. ("They" or "them".)

     Verne Matimel 

An evil wizard with a penchant for causing pointless mayhem.



One of Rat's rodent-like minions, given to Markus in exchange for a particularly unfortunate Imp. Named for its prominent forehead.

     Markus Jr. 

A gorilla that was magically spawned during the Deck of Disasted arc. He then proceeds to reappear throughout the series.

     The Imps 

Small, gibbering creatures that Markus summons and more often than not uses as living projectiles.

     The Goddamn Wonderpuss 

An imp with basic medical training. Markus summons him to patch everyone up when Ashe isn't around.

     The Rebellious Imp 

An imp that survived long enough to have an existential crisis and attempt to foment rebellion.


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