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Thrilling Intent may be a comedy, but when things do get serious, awesome stuff happens.

  • Falling Star, Gregor's Finishing Move against Charoth. He comes crashing down on the death god glaive-first from a couple hundred feet up. It even triggers a Coup de Grâce Cutscene.
    • His secondary finishing move, Comet Strike. While under the effect of haste, he fakes-out Narn, swings around his glaive, and breaks Narn's face - then sends them crashing through a building.
  • Episode 81, though more of a Badass Boast than anything.
  • When Markus finally uses the Iconaclasm.
  • In episode 146 (33 of the Big War arc), Ashe faces her fear of becoming empty by absorbing it's physical manifestation.
    • Ashe: "You're just a fear. I've dealt with you already, and now I'm going to use you for kindling."
  • Episode 148 has two. Markus' demon form definitely counts.

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