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Ashe will have to choose between her humanity and the lives of her friends.
  • We already know that using her powers causes Ashe to lose some of her humanity each time. Maybe in a future episode she'll reach a point where using them again will take away that last part of herself and her powers will be desperately needed, forcing her to choose between herself and her friends.
    • Possibly Jossed. She now has a mask that seems to let her access her powers without the price.
      • Jossed even harder. According to Xin, she pretty much has to train her powers to the point where she barely even notices any exertion on her part.


Zalvetta is a half spirit
  • Jay refused to answer how old Zalvetta is, and provided a sputtering denial when the idea was brought up. At one point, Zalvetta's movements are also described as "unnatural", and that his form "wavers" whenever he disappears. Likewise, at one point his reappearing is described as "shadows suddenly conven[ing]". He also knew a fair amount about the Ban and the Ban Leader, including how to destroy the laserbears, even after claiming he didn't know what they were. When they were in the haunted house in Ylval, he mentions that someone is following them, and that he has a sense for this sort of thing.
    • Half true. He has a rare magical mutation (talent?) that allows him to essentially eat pieces of fallen spiritfolk without dying horribly, and then tap the bits of wisp in him for power. Though the deal he's got isn't apparently much better, as the piece of Xin in him is there to make his life hell.


The Outriders were some form of cult.
  • Earlier in the series, Gregor would give us some troubling snippets of his past. Later on, it turns out that he has an especially vivid memory of how he first met the Outriders. Of course, he sort of glazes over the fact that they were all killed, though, if you slow down the video, you see images of their executions flashing by. After that, you've got the fact that he was an orphan when he joined their ranks, the narrow focus of his education, and how he acts around Charoth.
    • In addition to this, the outriders were persecuted and many were killed by the the church. It is possible that the church saw their activities as unholy and decided to execute them for believing in a different religion.

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