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Here you will find most of the series.

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     The Adventure Begins 
  • The group comes across a merchant selling "magic gems" which were actually colored glass. Markus convinces the man that a particularly small shard has real power.
    • Brought full circle when a monster invades the town and he attempts to fight it off with the shard.


    The Adventure Began 

     The Shrouded Isles 

     The Prison Of Lights 

     Dealing with Death 

  • The group return to Meadshire, and they immediatly cause death and destruction, with the gas known as "fun."


     Deck of Disaster 

     Wizard Highschool 
  • The group has to make up aliases and convince a guard to let them enter the Coven of Dusk. Thog is at a loss for a reason, resulting in this line.
    Thog: Hello, my name is Dan and I would like to come in your wizard hole.

     Romance of the Four Clans 
  • The Mayor in episode 60.
    Mayor: Used to be gods around these parts, y'see? Used to be a god of the harvest that people used to follow around and eat the apples that fell right out of his butt!

     The Gods Are Gone 

     Everything is On Fire 
  • Narn, a Zeth, sets everything on fire and it is up to the group to stop the mass fire and Narn.

     Thrilling intent and the village of corpses 
  • When Marcus and Kyr casually rebury a zombie that arose from the ground in part 4 the way Marcus simply places a hand on it's head and slowly pushes it back into the grave is pretty funny.
  • When Marcus reads the final page of The Grave Journey of Mortibus Fernando Jay reads out the contents in bored monotone, when they find his dying passage Jay proceeds to describe his final moments in the same bored monotone.
    Fernando: Oh gods, oh gods they're tearing my legs off. Oh why please, my legs. I have the key to the door, the only key. If only I could make it there without my legs — Fernando Moritbus.

     Liquor and Spirits 
  • Ashe gets drunk off her ass with the ban.

     Big War 
  • "Markus Velafi's Conga Line for Peace." Need I say more?

     Dungeon Truck 

     Thrilling holidays 

     Last Call 


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