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    Beyond Belief 
  • In "Molar Express," Mad Dentist Arthur Frankenstein, discussing rebuilding his assistant's mouth after a car accident, goes into a Scenery-Chewing Motive Rant that is as glorious as it is patently ridiculous:
    Arthur Frankenstein: I painstakingly re-constructed her mouth. Gum by gum. Lip by lip! Tooth by tooth! They said it couldn't be done. Or that it would be really hard. But I did it! I did! I returned her mouth to LIFE! LIIIIFE! HERS IS THE MOUTH OF FRANKENSTEIN!!!!!, rinse please.
  • In "It's a Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad World", the final "Beyond Belief", Nightmares the Clown's plans to destroy Frank and Sadie backfire horribly. Frank and Sadie deliver such a potent Badass Boast that they succeed in Horrifying the Horrors in that the monsters Nightmares had planned to sic on them back down and Nightmares himself has a stunning realization.
    Sadie: Our love is the best. Would you care to see our worst?
    Nightmares: I know fear... I'm scared of Frank and Sadie Doyle!
    • Adding to the awesome is that "Our love is the best" is a callback to the song Frank and Sadie sang in their Valentine's Day special.

    Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars 
  • Chicky Sullivan solving a threat to all existence/the President Jim plot with one sentence: "I'm just spit-balling, but what if Jim just dropped out of the race?"
  • Basically all of the episode "Good Jim."
    • Particularly "I... DON'T WANT... NO TROUBLE... IN MY PLACE!
  • "Sheriff on Mars" threatens to end on a depressing cliffhanger as Ensemble Dark Horse Felton lies dying. The audience even audibly boos as the outro music starts. Then the Barkeep interrupts the outro narration:
  • In "The Once and Future Thing", the Red Plains Rider is given a choice between leaving to save the past with Cactoid Jim and staying to continue her relationship with Croach. She promptly declares she's tired of having to make these kinds of choices, jumps into the portal herself, downgrades the impending war in the past to a skirmish, and returns a hero.
  • In "Space-iversary" Sparks wins the approval of his father by emerging victorious from a real life version of the Academy's Unwinnable Training Simulation. To defeat the Murder Men and clear the way to rescue a ship in distress, he hacks into the networks and disables the shields of both his father's ship and the Murder Mens' ship, then teleports missiles into the Murder Man ship to blow it up which can't be done if either side had shields up.

    Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer 
  • The Crossover Episode "From Time to Time" involves Time Travelers Amelia Earhart and Colonel Tick-Tock finally meeting. It turns out to be a situation orchestrated by K of the Cosmos for "Whimsy." After our heroes try in vain to fight him, he transports them to another reality... and promptly gets his omnipotent ass handed to him by the hero who dwells there.
    Colonel Tick-Tock: Well now whose reality are we in?
    ::theme music starts. Audience goes insane::
    Phillip Fathom: MINE!

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