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Trivia / The Adventures of Duane & BrandO

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  • Banned in Germany: The Amazing Brando's "Magical Mustache" video.
  • Development Hell: EarthBound remained here since 2009, but with their 2012 reunion and the release of Happy Happy Village, it looks to be climbing back to the land of mortals.
    • Final Fantasy VII: A full-length LP with a number of guest artists, intended as a solo album from BrandO. Only a small snippet of One Winged Angel has been released at this time.
    • Mega Proto Man 9: Originally announced as a sequel to 2, the song has been released in bits and pieces over the years, with alternate Mega Man vocals by Mega Ran recorded during their breakup, but the final product has yet to see the light of day.
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    • Zelda 3 has apparently been discontinued after episode 5 due to Brand O getting fed up with Zelda fans nitpicking his choices when it comes to adjusting the canon.
  • What Could Have Been: Mike Christensen, the voice of Spud in Final Fantasy, was to be Hornet Man in the upcoming Mega Man 9 song by BrandO. Due to differences in between the two, this is supposedly to be axed.
    • And episode 2 of the actual cartoon. Probably from the fans' denial that it was made in Windows Movie Maker and MS Paint.
    • A part for the stairs was written for Castlevania III by BrandO, to be voiced by a forum member of the Duane and BrandO forums. The part was highly received by the fans of whom heard it, but axed right before the very end due to differences between the forum member and BrandO.

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