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Trivia / Testament

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For the thrash metal band:

  • Black Sheep Hit: "Return to Serenity" from The Ritual is Testament's only song that managed to chart on Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and it isn't even among the band's most famous songs.
  • Christmas Rushed: Souls of Black wasn't originally supposed to be a thing. The only reason it was ever made (according to Eric Peterson) is because Atlantic Records wanted an album made so that Testament can join Slayer, Megadeth, and Suicidal Tendencies on the European Clash of the Titans Tour.
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  • Development Hell: The Formation of Damnation was first discussed in 2002 and had been in various states of production since 2004 before its eventual 2008 release date.
  • Executive Meddling: The final product of The New Order is due to this; Testament found out suddenly that their contract required another album within only a few months. They quickly wrote and recorded the album... until it got sent back to them because the label requires releases to be a minimum of 40 minutes of length. In response, they added some instrumentals and an Aerosmith cover, to pad it out.
    • A similar situation with Souls of Black as well; The band admitted to quickly writing that album because their contract required it and they wanted to go on tour as quickly as possible.
  • The Pete Best: Drummer Mike Ronchette, singer Steve Souza, and vocalist/guitarist Derrick Ramirez appeared on the band's Legacy demo before leaving. Downplayed with Souza and Ramirez given the former's status as the frontman of Exodus and also featuring on two tracks of 2001's First Strike Still Deadly while the latter later played bass on 1997's Demonic.
  • Referenced by...: Testament from Guilty Gear is named after this band.
  • What Could Have Been: Greg Christian auditioned for Metallica's open bass spot following Cilff Burton's death and reportedly was one of the higher bids for the job.