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  • Fan Community Nickname: Stacy Keibler wanted it to be Testicles...Russo, honestly may not have been the one to blame for once.
  • Romance on the Set: Around the time of his death, Test was dating Kelly Kelly in Real Life. And before that, he dated Stacy Keibler.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The WWE Raw "Across the Nation" theme was originally commissioned to be Test's new theme, replacing his original WWF entrance theme "This is a Test". What was to be Test's theme was so good that the WWE made it the new intro for Raw. The original demo features a "Test! Test! Test!" chant on the song; incidentally, this version of the song can be heard on the 15th Anniversary of Raw DVD.
    • According to Vince Russo, the original plan in the Test/Stephanie angle was for Test to leave Stephanie at the altar, turn heel and join D-Generation X. However, when Russo left, the ending to the angle went with him, and it was spun into putting heat on Triple H. While it did work out quite well in the end, Test was pretty much on the verge of stardom when this decision was made, and as they didn't have anything else for him, he found himself mired in the mid-card once again and never regained his former buzz.