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Trivia / Syd Barrett

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  • All-Star Cast: On his solo albums, Barrett was backed by his former Pink Floyd bandmates, as well as by members of Soft Machine and Humble Pie.
  • Big Name Fan:
    • David Bowie considered the Barrett-led incarnation of Pink Floyd a crucial band in the 1960's British rock movement, and admired them so much that he performed a cover of "See Emily Play" for his Cover Album Pin Ups. He would also later perform "Arnold Layne" with David Gilmour at a 2006 concert.
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    • Another Glam Rock icon, Marc Bolan, also cited Barrett as a key influence.
  • Creator Breakdown: One of the most famous examples of it, alongside Brian Wilson. A mixture of heavy drug use and previously unknown mental issues resulted in an increase of bizarre behaviour and songwriting, clashes with the rest of Pink Floyd, and finally an exile from music that lasted until his death.


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