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Tear Jerker / Syd Barrett

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  • The songs Syd wrote about his realization that he's losing his mind and there's nothing he or anyone else can do about it especially sad—namely the Pink Floyd songs "Jugband Blues" and "Vegetable Man" and the solo song "Dark Globe".
    • Oh, "Dark Globe"... that song that can actually makes some people cringe when the listen to it, and not in a bad way. It's actually probably a good thing more than anything, because it shows Syd's skill in just pouring his own emotion into the song. His voice sounds like he's trying not to undergo a breakdown, and the fact that there's no instrumentation apart from the acoustic guitar might make one think of him as so very alone in his madness. And when he wails "Wouldn't you miss me at all?" — it seems like he's literally asking his friends in Pink Floyd and everyone else he knows whether he'll be missed at all. Most songs aren't as literal and personal as this.
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    • Also note the similarities between "Dark Globe" and Pink Floyd's acoustic work from their prime years, particularly "Mother", "Wish You Were Here", and "Pigs on the Wing".
    • "Jugband Blues" pretty much is Syd telling off his band mates for abandoning him, with the first line snarking "It's awfully considerate to think of me here" and "And I'm most obliged for making it clear that I'm not here". Sniff. It gets worse when the song goes into near full blown Nightmare Fuel chaos before ending with Syd strumming a quiet cord and lamenting his exit, with two final, haunting lyrics:
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