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Trivia / Shaun the Sheep

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  • Channel Hop: After partnerships with American studios DreamWorks Animation and Sony Pictures Animation, The Movie was Aardman's first film to be co-produced with fellow European company StudioCanal, and to be distributed by Lionsgate in the USA. The second film, Farmageddon was acquired by Netflix for US, Canadian, and Latin American markets.
  • Meaningful Release Date: The movie was released in 2015, twenty years after Shaun's first appearance in A Close Shave.
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  • Shrug of God: Aardman's Twitter account isn't saying if Shaun is Timmy's father.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In Shaun the Sheep Movie:
      • The plot originally was the same plot from season 1 episode, "Save the Tree". However, the team of Aardman didn't felt like it was a plot made for a motion picture, and wanted a story that can "take the sheep out of their comfort zone", so they brought writer Mark Burton, to create a new plot line worthy for a Shaun the Sheep Movie. He would eventually become co-director with Richard Starzak, who also wrote the script.
      • The Farmer was orignally intened to be the villain, but it was changed because it felt out of character. Then, they created a new villain for the movie, Trumper
      • In early stages of the story, there were some thoughts about including a character who can sing and explain what's happening in the story, Or include a performance poet or some of the humans who could talk. The directors decided to just stick to the integrity of the show which is the lack of dialouge and the narrative though visuals.
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    • In Farmageddon:
      • Richard Strazak was set to write and direct the movie. But then he was replaced by Richard Phelan and Will Becher. Strazak still worked on the final product as an executive producer and story writer.
      • Lu-La was going to be a fussball alien, than whatever she would get angry, she would be a lot larger. The team of Aardman scarped this idea because it felt it would be hard to animate, and it was changed into a puppylike alien. She would also have a different variety of colors. Concept art can be seen here
      • An alternative version of the Supermarket Sequence was storyboared before the scene was re-written when Lu-La's character design was changed.
      • Original Storyboards of the UFO crash, Lu-La and Bitzer saving Shaun from Red Agent and the alternative climax during the Farmageddon Play can be found here


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