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Trivia for the Band

  • Long-Runners: The band has been active for almost forty years, with their 22nd album "Sagacity" released back in 2014.
  • Name's the Same: Saga's "Marathon" is not the same as Rush's ''Marathon.''
    • And likewise, Saga's "Only Time Will Tell", "Wildest Dreams", and "Days Like These" are not the same as Asia's.
    • Saga's "Money Talks" is not the same as The Alan Parsons Project's.
  • No-Hit Wonder: With almost forty years and twenty-two albums released in their careers, Saga is on the more obscure end. Their song "On The Loose", however, has peaked at Number 3 in the U.S. Mainstream Rock charts.
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  • The Pete Best: The original keyboardist for the album Saga, Peter Rochon was replaced with Greg Chadd for Images At Twilight, who was then replaced with Jim Gilmour for Silent Knight and onward.
  • Screwed By The Record Label: After the critical and financial success of Worlds Apart, Heads Or Tales and Behaviour, Saga was seen as a promising act for Atlantic Records. The record label spent a great deal of money promoting the band in the United States, a market that Saga had yet to make a huge impact in. A music video was produced for the "Only Time Will Tell", a huge tour was planned and no expense was spared on the production of the album. Unfortunately, the album went largely unnoticed in the U.S. and was only released in Saga's more successful markets like Europe and their native Canada. Despite this, Atlantic Records still refuses to surrender the rights for the album to Saga and demanding insanely high distribution fees, leading to it being the rarest album in their catalogue and not seeing a proper release since the remastered CD in 2000.

Trivia for the comic book:

  • The Wiki Rule: The Saga Wiki.
  • Write What You Know: The entire comic is based on Brian K. Vaughan's experience as a new father, so many of the events where Alana and Marko have to figure out how to take care of Hazel is from Vaughan's own attempts at raising his child.


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