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  • Exiled from Continuity: Some people have...issues...with the Night Court, and the direction it was taking the Lunaverse. This extends to the series creator himself. While no Night Court story has been decanonized, RainbowDoubleDash has flatly refused to allow any more canon stories focused on the Night Court. The exception to this is TalonAndThorn's Climbing the Mountain series, for three reasons: First, it was already in-progress, and RainbowDoubleDash didn't want to cut off TalonAndThorn from finishing it; second, it is far more focused on showing a positive side to the Night Court, rather than constant scheming and dirty dealing (notably, our perspective character is the newly-created Baron Mounty Max and him learning the ropes and trying to improve things for his new province, rather than any political games focused on gaining power or gaining control of the Elements); and third, because it is considered "soft canon" that other "hard canon" fics can contradict and take priority over if need be.
  • Fandom Nod:
    • Boast Busted twice hints that Lyra's hooves were turned into...something, which is always cut off before the speaker can finish. Those who are familiar with Lyra's fanon characterization can probably guess what that something is. More hints to these events are dropped during Family Matters. The events mentioned are finally shown in "Helping... Hands?", where Lyra is turned into a human directly. And, in a Mythology Gag, hates it.
    • In Carrot Top of the Line Rarity comments multiple time about liking Carrot Top's mane. There is also a Mythology Gag in there.
    • When Shining Armor meets Luna, he notices an abacus.
    • Silver Script's (Ditzy's boss) baseball bat has words "Love and Tolerance" written into it.
  • Schedule Slip: 'At the Grand Galloping Gala', the season 1 finale, took over 4 months to finish.
  • Torch the Franchise and Run: Partial example; "At The Grand Galloping Gala" was designed to put an end to the Courtier plot for good. The massive backlash has probably derailed that.
  • What Could Have Been: As a shared universe, the series has plenty of examples, and Rainbow Double Dash and the other authors have revealed various deleted scenes and concepts they considered.
    • Before Cheerilee, Roseluck was originally considered as one of the Lunaverse bearers. RDD selected the Six before distributing Elements, with Trixie as Magic being the only one set in stone; if Roseluck had made the final cut, the others could've gotten different Elements as a result.
      • On a similar note, RRD has also stated that if Hurricane Fluttershy had aired before the Lunaverse was already being posted, it's likely that Flitter or Cloudchaser would've replaced Raindrops because of the potential of that built-in family dynamic. Probably for the best, since Raindrops is best pony.
    • Trixie was originally going to maintain her Third-Person Person tendencies, but as a habit she was trying to break.
    • Early on, Twilight was still going to have Spike for a companion; this would have been a double-edged sword, as he'd goad her into challenging Trixie, but Boast Busted wouldn't have ended so sadly. (Which could've effected the whole tone of the Lunaverse...)
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    • During Longest Night, Longest Day, all of the Mane Six would've been shown to have been incapacitated during Corona's return.
    • In "Family Matters," for a brief period Fancy Pants was going to be Dinky's and Sparkler's father; however RDD chickened out and instead came up with the OC Castor Cut.
    • In the first draft of 'A Hard Bargain', Big Mac and Caramel were revealed to be employees of the Network, a combination of the A-Team and the Leverage crew who acted as vigilantes to fight evil and right great wrongs. This was later redacted for clashing with existing continuity (for instance, the Night Court would both know of and disallow such a group, and Trixie would report them as soon as she found out about them).
    • Dr. Ritter of Past Remnants was originally going to be Dr. Caballeron, but seeing how defictionalizing Daring Do worked out for the show, the Quorum asked GreyGuardPonyto change it. Not that Daring Do is or isn't real in the Lunaverse, it's just a question the Quorum would prefer to leave unanswered for the aforementioned reason.
  • Word of God: The authors of the Lunaverse are fond of putting in additional details or tidbits in the comments sections or author's notes of their stories. For example, the official hierarchy of Equestrian gentry and nobility was outlined in the comments of Longest Night, Longest Day, rather than directly stated in any story.

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