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Warning! While the page contains undoubtedly some of the most badass moments of the Lunaverse, it also has unmarked spoilers. Read with caution.

  • Longest Day, Longest Night:
  • Musicians and Dreamers: Trixie finally beating Octavia, with a Tin-Can Telephone no less.
  • Carrot Top Season:
    • Carrot Top getting third in the farming competition, beating Sweet Apple Acres and saving her farm.
    • Big Macintosh ensuring that none of the Ponyville teams are disqualified by simply tossing Carrot Top into the air like a rag doll, then carrying both her and Apple Bloom as he races back to the judging area.
  • Raindrops in Griffin Over the Line snapping after Gilda endangers Trixie and attacks. Rainbow Dash threatens to fire her if she does at which Raindrops announces that she quits and lets Gilda have it. At the end, despite being cheerful it's easily obvious that Gilda called it off and called Raindrops friend in order to avoid being
    • Trixie getting back at Rainbow with a Looney Tunes inspired prank in The Epilogue.
  • In A Hard Bargain, a group of stallions are threatening Ditzy, but make the mistake of doing so right outside the post office. Cue one of her coworkers and their boss coming out to chase the goons off with one of the greatest Fandom Nods in the history of media: a baseball bat that has the words "Love & Tolerance" printed on it.
    "If you don't leave right now, I'm going to love and tolerate the shit out of you!"
    • Ditzy also gets a kickass one in chapter 6 (suitably titled "Karma"), using High-Altitude Interrogation on Parley who has foalnapped Dinky.
    “You won’t kill me, you’re the element of Kindness.”
    “Kindness has limits.” Ditzy answered. “and I’ve reached mine.”
    • Along with Big Mac. In fact, the whole chapter 6 was more or less one Crowning Chapter of Awesome.
  • No pony has successfully played the 'Symphony for Moon and Sun' in about 900 years, and every pony who tried and failed was ruined as a musician. Then Octavia tries. She moves Luna to tears with her beautiful rendition, and becomes her personal composer and musician.
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  • Trixie and Lyra pulling off the concert in 'Helping Hands,' despite their severe handicaps.
  • Hero of Oaton, just hero of Oaton
  • At the end of An Early Reunion, Ditzy Doo flat-out tells the immortal, god-like ruler of the land that she doesn't care what Luna offers her to keep her silence, she's going to personally see to it that Luna tells Cadence that Cadence is her daughter, and that's final.
  • In Where There's Smoke, Pokey uses his horn-sharpening spell to create a cone-shaped shield around himself as he punches through a burning building to save the foal inside.
  • Luna chewing out the Night Court in chapter 13 of At the Grand Galloping Gala, at least for those fans who thought that the Night Court was a corrupt den of snakes and needed to go.
  • Elements of Insanity chapter 9 has a brief appearance from Twilight Velvet, getting into a verbal fight with Puissance, where the much younger mare holds her own against Puissance's jibes and insults, and gets a few good ones in return when Puissance disses her family.
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  • In Crisis on Two Equestrias, Trixie gets to show off that she's earned the "Skilled" Part of Weak, but Skilled by using illusions and casting several spells simultaneously in order to "recover" the Elements of Harmony right out from under the noses of Celestia, Twilight and Applejack.
    RainbowDoubleDash: Trixie has nothing on the raw power of Twilight. What she is, however, is clever with her usage of spells. She *knows* all she has are tricks of light and sound, so she makes those tricks of light and sound count.
  • The Return of Tambelon:
    • Celestia gets a Big Damn Heroes moment. Bray has set a bunch of golems on the Bearers, and has used his magic to capture Lyra. Things aren't looking good for them.
    Bray: I was an heir to the throne of Tambelon, you short-eared nags! My magic is utterly beyond yours-
    (Magic fire destroys three golems)
    Celestia: But it is not beyond mine!
    Bray: (to his golems, clearly terrified) Attack! Attack now!
    (cue Celestia curb-stomping the golems)
    • Carrot Top, Carrot Top of all six of the Element Bearers, manages to successfully stare down Tirek, and make them flinch. And this while completely terrified of them and Grogar and Corona, all three of whom are in the room with her.
  • In Title Match:
    • Mayor Ivory Scrolls uppercuting Galeb and revealing she was a three time boxing champ in her youth.
    • One for Red Gala Big Mac after being turned female tapping a Manticore on the shoulder and telling it just made a big mistake roaring at his family before laying an offscreen beatdown. One for Pinkie Pie for bashing a Cragodile (Stone Crocodile) on the head with a sledgehammer when it threatened Gummy. And one for Trixie for using a rope and scarf to hogtie it and shut its mouth in Chapter 4 of Title Match
    • Trixie defeating Galeb, and for a brief while she takes the (illusionary) form of an Alicorn.
    Trixie: "I am the Great and Powerful Trixie. The Element of Magic, Representative of Ponyville, Hero of Equestria, Apprentice to Princess Luna, friend to five of the most honourable ponies in existence and grand daughter to the greatest magician of all time. The real question is, WHO THE BUCK ARE YOU?!!"
  • The Glass Kingdom:
    • Trixie managing to stalemate Ispelu Magikoa, the Archmage of Zaldia, in a no-holds-barred magical duel. She's come a long way from knowing just a few magical illusions.
    • The king of Zaldia reading Zati the riot act for his jackass behaviour in chapter 7. Admittedly, it's marred by the fact he's serving as an unwitting pawn to the Changelings.
    • The changelings get one for managing to infiltrate the ludicrously paranoid Zaldia, and their even more paranoid security service, and then subverting it without anyone else being the wiser.
  • Voice of the Sun: When the rest of the embassy guard has turned, Captain Lightning remains utterly loyal to Luna, even after he was screwed over by Greengrass.
    • Bootheel faking a Face–Heel Turn to save Lightning, Lyra and Raindrops. Slightly undone by the fact he was mostly doing it to save his own hide (and other parts), and he did have to be persuaded to go back by Gilda, but he remains loyal despite that.

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