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    In general 
  • Trixie's weird delicacies tend to invoke confused looks from other ponies.
  • Trixie's occasional Imagine Spots.
    • For example, imagining the disastrous results of the Longest Night celebration, with Luna outlawing apples and apple-eating, on pain of being horribly killed (with Trixie in full agreement), before stepping out into nightmarish weather which instantly begins destroying her. She naturally blames Trixie entirely, and just before she disintegrates completely notes that at least Rarity's decorations are top-notch.
  • Most scenes where Trixie has to deal with… uncomfortable topics, probably most hilariously in Helping… Hands?:
    La la la nopony can hear Lyra!” Trixie exclaimed as she skipped away from the circle and threw dust at Lyra, as the spell conveniently commanded her to do anyway.
    • And then Cheerilee gives Trixie The Talk in Tales of Ponyville. With some colorful Noodle Implements regarding her own experiences, no less.
    • In In the Heat of the Moment, Trixie goes into heat, just as Twilight comes back into town.
      Twilight paused, sniffing the air. After a moment, she began coughing, waving a hoof in front of her nose. “What…what is that…that smell?”
      “This is me not surprised that you don’t recognize it,” Trixie deadpanned, eyes half-lidded as she did.
      Twilight stared blankly at Trixie for several long moments, before her eyes widened even as her pupils shrank to dots. “Oh!” the renegade sorceress exclaimed. “Oh…oh…”
      “Bad time.”
      Twilight stared awkwardly for few moments more, scuffing a hoof on the floor. “It’s…” she said softly. “It’s not like…I mean, it took me a few moments, but it’s not like I’m not interested just 'cause I read a lot…I – I mean…well, actually, now that I think about it, you haven’t squandered the teachings, you’re a wonderful illusionist…”

    Series 1 

Longest Night, Longest Day

  • The first encounter with Pinkie Pie. Not only mirroring the M!Pilot episode, but with Lyra's warning.
    Trixie: Why are you saying that like it’s synonymous with 'she's going to drag me into a basement and torture me?'
  • Drunk Trixie. She did say she was born and raised in Neigh Orleans…and proves it by speaking in a Creole accent.
    • She then goes on to imitate Londo Mollari's drunken acts.
    • This part, as a drunk Trixie invades Lyra's personal space:
    Trixie: You know, you are very cute for a musician. Or because y'all are a musician. Whatever.
    Bon Bon: (getting inbetween Lyra and Trixie) She's taken.
    Trixie: Ne vous inquiétez pas! You're very cute too! (Pinkie appears to refill Trixie's drink) And Pinkie, you're cute too, in an annoying kind of way.
    Pinkie: Thanks!
    Trixie: Everypony's cute! (she climbs up onto table) Everypony's cute! Even I'm cute, non? But in purple, Ah'm stunning!
    (Trixie faints and falls onto the table with a smile on her face)
    • And Pinkie's reaction is gold, too.
    Pinkie: She's become one with her inner self!
    Bon Bon: She's passed out.
    Pinkie: That too.

The Night After

  • The Night After is basically a series of these and heart-warming moments: after a life-threatening adventure against Corona it's a welcome breather episode/epilogue. And then it was revised, adding new gags and fleshing out existing scenes.

Helping... Hands?

  • Bonbon going Laughing Mad and trying to strangle Trixie thinking it will reverse the spell.
  • In the Bonus chapter, instead of being turned into a Human, Lyra is instead turned into an Alicorn. Trixie is less than happy for her friend when she discovers the cause of it.
    Trixie: Give it back! I wanna be an Alicorn!!
    • Lyra's reaction is gold as well:
    Princess Luna: I'm not certain what your responsibility will be, though I suspect it will strongly relate to your special talent.
    Lyra: But I don't want responsibility! That's why I'm a musician!
    Luna: (muttering) That's not stereotypical at all...
    • And at the end when it seems all is well. Cue Lyra flying from Trixie who is trying to blast her with a spell to regain her Alicorn Seed.
    Lyra: This is not how friends treat other friends Trixie!
    Trixie: It is when friends steal stuff from their friends! I wanna be an Alicorn!
    • Even funnier, just before that Trixie admits she's jealous (insanely, insanely, insanely jealous), but she says she still be Lyra's friend. One Smash Cut later...

Griffin Over The Line

File Under "I" For "Impossible"

Ill Communication

Boast Buster

  • Trixie basically trolling Twilight in front of Carrot Top and Raindrops
    Trixie: C, Raindrops, this is Twilight Sparkle, sorceress and Element of Jealousy.
    Carrot Top: Oh my.
    Twilight: I’m not jealous!

Where There Is Smoke

Secret of Andalantis

Carrot Top of the Line

  • Apple Bloom claims that Diamond Tiara says that Trixie brings ponies to her basement to kill them and summon monsters. Carrot Top's response? "She doesn't have a big enough basement."

Musicians and Dreamers

Scootalong to the Cheer

School Talent Show

  • There's this line from The School Talent Show. While it doesn't point out who's speaking, the conversation makes it obvious.
    Trixie Lulamoon: ....ARE YOU STALKING MY WINDOW!?
    Windowpane: Miss Representative, your window is putting my kid through college.
    • There's also Trixie's reaction to the fact that only her window got damaged.
    • Dinky's performance begins as setting up her as a powerful magician only for her to trip over her cape and fall down and meekly get up and say sorry which makes the audience go AWWW in response. She probably would've won if she had left it at that instead of trying to saw Snails in half.

A Hard Bargain

  • The various reactions of the ponies who see Silver Script's "Love & Tolerance" bat:
    Trixie: Look if this is about that one time I tried to reuse stamps, I promise it won't happen again.
    • Big Mac finally gets it.
    Big Mac came over, took one look at Silver Script and one look at L&T. "Worker being harassed?"
    "Why does no-pony else get that?"
    • Another one is where after Trixie consoles Ditzy for almost killing Parley, Ditzy asks Trixie to hit her.
    Ditzy: I want you to hit me.
    Trixie: What?
    Ditzy: I hit you so it’s only fair that you hit me back.
    Trixie: Ditzy, this isn’t the playground. You said you’re sorry so let’s just leave it at that.
    Ditzy: No, I won’t feel alright about this until you hit me.
    Trixie: I’m not gonna hit you.
    Ditzy: Hit me!
    Trixie: I don’t see how this…
    Ditzy: HIT ME!
    Trixie: OW!
    Ditzy: You okay, Trixie?
    Trixie: No, I’m not okay! You're the one that got hit! Why am I the one that’s hurting?
    Ditzy: Maybe you didn’t do it right. Did you want to try again?
    Trixie: No, I don’t want to try again! I want to go back to doing the thing that wasn’t causing me pain.

Carrot Top Season

  • Despite placing 3rd in the big competition of "Carrot Top Season", Carrot Top is nonetheless short 3 whole bits after the adventure no thanks to the Trixie Whining Fund (TWF). Ever the manganimous and magnificent friend, Trixie puts her in the black by halving, not rescinding, the TWF.
    • The author stated that he originally planned for it to be called the Whining Trixie Fund, but ultimately thought that the acronym would be too risqué.

Tales of Ponyville

Of Hearts and Hooves

To Cheerilee, with Love

The Hero of Oaton

  • The Hero of Oaton: Pokey gets to channel his inner Kamina when trying to pierce through Trixie's locked door… and gets stuck.

Through The Fire and Flames

Symphony of the Moon and Sun

A Chance Encounter

The Jackelope Valley Festival

  • In The Jackelope Valley Festival, Vinyl Scratch believes that Corona, "that whole evil-sun-princess-back-from-the-dead thing" is just an old mare's tale. When Lyra and Raindrops point out that not only did they personally fight the Tyrant Sun, but they know for a fact that Vinyl was there when she showed up in Ponyville, Vinyl just shrugs and says that if she believed everything she saw, she'd be crazy.
  • The entire discussion on stealth suits. See, during the events, Lyra, Raindrops and Vinyl have to commit a bit of breaking and entering. They're prepared, but their associate isn't.
    Lyra: Don't have a - who doesn't have a stealth suit?
    Raindrops: C'mon, guys, she's not from Ponyville, remember?
    (Lyra and Vinyl go "oh yeah")
    Thunder Axe: Wait, are you saying every pony from Ponyville - at all times...?
    Vinyl: Nah. Not foals obviously. Or in the shower.
    Raindrops: Or Hearts and Hooves Day.
    Vinyl: (giving Raindrops an odd look) You don't carry a stealth suit on Hearts and Hooves Day? But what if you need to be stealthy?

Dinner with the Folks

  • Dinner with the Folks has Lyra having an Imagine Spot that has Bon Bon's mother on a throne with her army of giant carrots and stalks of broccoli with Luna's guards being defeated by her. When Luna spotted her sister behind her and offered her throne if she helps her defeat Honeydew's army, Celestia refused.
    Celestia: I say thee neigh, Luna. Your subjects are crazy!

Foaling Around

  • Pretty much all of the Imagine Spots in Foaling Around:
    “Why does Greengrass have a big box of mud?” asked Dinky. “I don’t get it.” She tried to figure it out:
    ”Bwahaha!” Greengrass crowed. “Now that I have all the mud in Equestria, everypony has to do what I want!”
    • Or Cheerilee's fears abut what might happen if the foals run loose:
    Guard: We will return you to Ponyville in the fastest way possible.
    Cheerilee: ... by Express train?
    Guard: By catapult.
  • Cheerilee learns some of the foals have wound up with Greengrass, and panics that he's going to brainwash them into misbehaving. When she gets there, she finds them... playing Diplomacy.
    Greengrass: I tried to get at least one of them to take my side, but they all wanted to team up against me for some reason. Fortunately for a player of my calibre even fighting these three is easy.
    Dinky: You were going to lose three turns ago, until Snails forgot to move.
    Greengrass: Forgot... or did I trick him into not moving?
    Snails: No, I just forgot!

Adventures in Ponysitting

Eye of the Hurricane

  • Trixie wonders out loud if the procedure that turned Raindrops into "Equestria's happiest bully" might be some scheme of one of their enemies, like Duke Greengrass or Corona. Cut to each of them lamenting how boring their day is, and how it's been a while since they last had a plan to mess with the Elements of Harmony.

Foalish Misadventures

At the Grand Galloping Gala

  • The Stairs Coup, in which Quick Fix staged a false coup in order to prove to Princess Luna that she should have stairs leading up to her chambers. Luna does not hold back when driving home the point that he could have just suggested it. She fires him no less than six times.
    • An Awkward Day shows the Stairs Coup from Princess Cadenza's point of view. Once she finds out the cause of the troop presence on her border, she can't stop busting a gut in front of Luna and the other irate diplomats. Even funnier because the only reason troops were posted at the border of her nation of Cavallia (Italy) is because Quick Fix accidentally wrote that when he meant Caballeria (Spain).
  • While mingling at the Gala and looking for a companion for the night, Blueblood finds himself in a position of trying to decide whether to approach Raindrops, Rarity, or Zizanie. Instead of any of them, he ends up with Pinkie Pie.
    • This hilariously leads to not just his own frustration, but Zizanie's too as Pinkie is so hyperactive that she keeps inadvertently blocking Zizanie's attempts to spike Blueblood's drink with Truth is a Scourge.
    • Pinkie gets a huge overdose of Truth Is A Scourge... and you can't tell the difference from Regular Pinkie.
    • Even better? This incident led to them becoming a couple. No, seriously.

Countdown to Crisis

  • Countdown to Crisis gives us a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of Poniswaza, the slums where citizens leave their doors open and night to create a nice breeze, and the disaffected youths wish good evenings to passing strangers. The horror!

Crisis on Two Equestrias

  • Chapter 11 has L!verse Luna and M!verse Celestia and Luna conversing about similarities between their parallel worlds. When L!verse Luna got into the topic on fashion and wigs, picture Celestia wearing a 4 ft (possibly even 5!) powdered wig with jewels and Luna wearing a large frill the size of half Luna's wingspan.
    • In Chapter 7, M!verse Twilight has a mini-freakout over the nature of parallel universes and how everyone has counterparts. Fortunately Spike has a plan. He pokes her with a claw.
    Twilight: Spike! I was in the middle of an existential crisis!
    Spike: I know. I helped.
    • Several chapters after first appearing, the unnamed alicorn finally names herself:
    L!Twilight: Who... who are you?
    Alicorn: (unhinged smile) The Dark and Omnipitent... TWIXIE!
    (The Twilights and Trixies stare at her)
    "Twixie": (sees their looks and changes her mind) IS NOT MY NAME!


  • Trixie's twofold revenge prank on Rainbow Dash for staining her magician's outfit. The first step involves an elaborate Rube Goldberg Device that drops a bucket full of what appears to be water on Dash's head. The second causes all the colors of her mane to drain out after she wipes off the "water".
  • Corona's favorite form of stress relief? Chucking Spike into lava pits; bonus points if he lands uncomfortably.

    Series 2 

The Return of Tambelon

  • From the comments, RainbowDoubleDash's explanation of why Luna keeps her mane all wave-y.
    (It doesn't help that whenever Luna decides not to [have her mane animated] everypony goes crazy thinking she's "loosing her powers" or something, or at best think that Luna's trying to make a fashion statement and so all the nobles to emulate it stop doing up their hair or in some cases even stop washing their hair, and in short it takes months for the smell to leave the throne room.)

Sergeant at Hooves

Magic Tutor

  • Firelock, one of Trixie's students is really excited being around fire. She also happens to like setting off fireworks as well. Indoors even
    • In fairness to Firelock, she wasn't trying to set off fireworks. She'd just gotten her cutie mark and was celebrating, and didn't notice the magic she was casting wasn't illusions... the time she set fire to the town hall trying to put out a fire, though, was all her (she thought the phrase "fight fire with fire" was meant to be taken literally).
      • Funnily enough, it actually is meant to be taken literally- the practice of lighting smaller fires ahead of a larger blaze in order to starve the larger blaze of its food and oxygen is where that saying comes from. The thing is that you have to be very careful about doing it, because otherwise you just have way more fire.
  • Trixie gets brained by a golf ball thanks to Dinky and Tootsie. While unconscious, she has a very bizarre dream.
    Trixie: (while imagining herself playing golf, with Solrath as her caddy)'' Thank you, Mister Scary Dragon.

Exam Jitters

Old Friends

  • In Old Friends its revealed that Cheerilee and Notary (Greengrass's secretary/assistant) were college roommates. They went to Neigh Orleans for the Summer Sun Celebration, got drunk, and then got married. Also, Cheerilee got drunk again the next day and forgot to deliver the annulment paperwork.
    • The chase scene between Notary and Cheerilee afterwards will make you laugh.
  • During the third chapter, the two enter a Spa as Cheerilee tries to hide from a furious Notary who is after her and a montage is shown of the two relaxing and enjoying themselves at the spa and having a good time. After that the two exit speaking friendly to each other and then Notary brings up the marriage and the chase is back on.

A Bushel of Carrots

  • Many of the hijinks The Carrot Top Clones get into.

A Concert for Ponyville

  • Pinkie Pie is shocked to learn that Octavia does not eat sweets that she freezes up and can only look on in horror
  • The Cupcakes bit
    Pinkie Pie: (Holding a large knife) Hi Trixie! I'm glad you're here! I have a special treat just for you!
    Trixie: It finally happened, Pinkie snapped, and now she's going to cut me into little bits and probably bake me into a cake or something. I survived Corona, and Grogar, and the salamanders and all the others, and now I'm going to be killed by a crazy party pony.

Up and Automaton

  • In the opening chapter, Trixie, bored with the fact that nothing has happened for so long (about a week), has gotten so bored that she has challenged Pinkie Pie to a game of Stealth Hug.
    • Then there's the Running Gag with the barbershop quartet of rams throwing in random song numbers.
  • Big Mac gets knocked out fighting the Golem and when he recovers starts spouting and reciting To Be or Not to Be
  • At the end after it's all settled Cherilee tells Trixie to get her I told you so rant that she promised to do over with. But Trixie only smiles and says she's not going too. Instead she has The Ram Quartet show up around the two and start singing a song about how Trixie was right.
  • Raindrops tries making a Badass Boast... to little luck.
    Raindrops: Alright, tin can. You may be bigger than me, stronger than me, impervious to all my attacks and surprisingly agile for a giant metal monster... I'm not sure where I was going with this.
    Snails: No-one messes with your brother?
    Raindrops: Yeah. What he said.
  • At the end, Trixie doles out a lecture on Gears, telling him why he screwed up, then giving him the names of some ponies who might be willing to work with him in the future, without being particularly Trixie-ish about it... then it turns out she told Applejack what happened to her brother.
    (As Grinding Gears is about to board his train)
    Applejack: 'Scuse me. Yer' Grinding Gears, aincha?
    Gears: Why, yes I am. Sorry, I can't chat for long. I've got a train to catch in fifteen minutes.
    Applejack: Dat's fine. I'll be done in ten.

Ice Hearts

  • In Ice Hearts, we find out that there is actually a statue of a gargoyle sacrificing a pony to Tirek. In an Equestrian hotel. You would ask yourself, "Why do they even have that statue in the first place?"

An Embarrassment in Three Acts

  • An Embarassment in Three Acts has the Element Bearers get the Ember Island Treatment, but at one point, during the re-enactment instead of the sirens the gang did meet back in Longest Night, Longest Day, they have those other Sirens. Cue utter bafflement from the Bearers.
    • Props must be given to the play's production stuff since they manage to get Sonata Dusk pretty much spot on.

Title Match

  • Trixie nonchalantly lists a group of people who would be on her nemesis list if she had one. This ranges from Corona, Nobles in the Night Court, to those who play baseball too close to her house and yells at a pair of foals nearby that she can see them.
  • In the second chapter, thanks to Galeb and Poison Joke Big Mac has been turned into a mare. While Carrot Top works on making a cure, Rarity wants to take her so she can have her try out new designs. Her response? "Nope."
  • Galeb Lampshade Hanging where The Chorus comes from after he completes his Villain Song
  • Trixie recounts how her Uncle and Aunt helped her know what to do with crocodiles and alligators. Much to her parents horror
    Young Trixie: I am not Trixie, I am The Gator Queen!
  • In Chapter 6 Rainbow Dash, upset over how Raindrops and the others always save the day, decides she's going to be the one and rushes to take care of Everfree Bull Frogs (Frogs the size of Bulls) and winds up getting a noogie and used as a trampoline while Raindrops talks to a coworker while watching.
    Raindrops: So what do you think is more likely to land me disciplinary action? Disobeying a superior or letting her be beaten to a pulp?
  • In the second chapter there is a discussion of what Galeb hopes to gain by hexing random Ponyvillians.
    Trixie: He might as well be putting up a big sign saying that he's gonna punish Ponyville until I agree to face him.
    Bon-Bon: I think he's done that too. Look.
    The two Unicorns turned to where the Candy Mare was pointing and saw glowing green text on a nearby wall, in clear view of the Residency.
    Glowing green text: You know how to make this stop Lulamoon
  • Galeb's revenge initially turns the Flower Trio into large hams ("BUCK YEAH, FLOWERS!") Trixie's attempts at reversing this do not go entirely well.
    Rose: I say, these flowers look rather splendid.
    Lilly: Oh dear, it appears that we might have some root rot on our hooves.
    Daisy: That certainly won't do. I propose we go about correcting this situation.
    Lilly: Indeed.
    Cheerilee: (to Trixie) I know that in the interest of ethical practise we can't leave them like this, but I can't help but feel it would do their blood pressure a lot of good.

Just Us Little Ponies

  • Twilight Sparkle mentions that among the letters she's received while in Ponyville, on occasion she's received ones claiming to be from Shining Armor's future wife, trying to lecture her on inappropriate behaviour. Yeah.
  • Snips getting revenge on a mean comment Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon said to him, by convincing them that foals are bought, not born, and that if they didn't behave their fathers would have them returned.
    • And during all this, DT notes an offer of a "Scootaloo-model", and is intrigued by the idea.

Voice of the Sun

  • At the beginning Trixie mentions her house, like any major governmental building is thoroughly sound-proofed. Lyra immediately asks if she and Bon-Bon can house-sit the next time she's away. Trixie immediately says "no".

The Glass Kingdom

  • Trixie predicting that the pony she's meant to meet will be an utter ass, who'll likely speak in Prench as a lingua franca and be condescending toward her Neigh Orleans Prench accent. All of this done in the style of a Prench Jerk, complete with "hon-hon-hon".

For a Few Bits More

  • Ditzy's impression of Monte Rey's "disreputable saloon."
    The two were sitting at a thoroughly disreputable saloon, or the closest that this town could manage to such. Ditzy strongly suspected that the disreputable appearance was part of the appeal – the weapons on the walls looked like replicas, the “dirt” on the tables and floors was, on close inspection, simply a paint job, and the wait staff had been very friendly (and for that matter, Ditzy had never heard of a disreputable saloon with a wait staff, or menus).

Contest of Champions

  • Corona's idea of gaining Cadence's confidence leaves much to be desired. Like, for example, self-awareness.
    Corona: My command to [Zecora] is to approach Cadenza, and if not befriend her, seek her confidence. Say that you are looking to know of her and "her" country better so that when I claim Equestria as my own the transition can go more smoothly.

Past Remnants

  • From Past Remnants, there's the first appearance of The Watcher, the last of an ancient race of beings, who knew Celestia and Luna long ago, as he meets them in the modern day.
    Watcher: Celestia. You look ridiculous like that. note 
    Celestia: (glares at Lyra, who's trying not to laugh) Watcher-
    Watcher: Don't give me that! You look ridiculous!
    • And he continues on like this.
    Watcher: So, you two never visit.
    Celestia: I've been trapped in the sun.
    Watcher: You're not trapped in the sun now. I have to call for help for you to visit?

    Other stories 
  • An Early Reunion: Having just been allowed to stay at the palace by Luna, Cadance lays down the law:
    No more peas! When the exarch first told me who I was, that I would be Princess one day, I decided then and there that my first decree would be no more peas... Well, actually, it was to destroy every pea farm in Cavallia and Equestria. But I have thought about that since, and I suppose it's not very fair to the good pea farmers of the world. But I shall not eat peas, ever again.
  • From the non-canon Dinky and the Blanks, after Dinky's told the bearers about her plan, they all try voting on what to do. Trixie, depicted here pre-character development, objects.
    Trixie: Vote? Aren't I in charge? As Night Court Representative, it's I who-
    (Everyone stares at her)
    Trixie: (sighs) Okay, fine, we'll vote.
  • The non-canon story "Bride of the Rain," has Gilda saying that she has to marry Raindrops. The alternative is that she has to behead Raindrops to avenge her honor... and apparently Gilda's largest difficulty with that is that she's afraid that the Border Control won't let her through with a severed pony head.
    • According to the story, eventually King Raindrops reconquers all the Griffin Lands, and is scheduled to be named Emperor.
  • The story "Pinkie And Bluie" begins with Blueblood recounting ways he's broken up with ponies- sleeping with her sister, "It's not you it's me", declaring yourself gay, and faking your own death.
    • In the Sequel to it "Pinkie And Bluie Twoie" Pinkie Pie recalls telling Rarity that Blueblood has invited her to spend Hearthwarming Eve with him. Rarity calmly exits the room and she can be heard wailing that it should've been her instead and then coming back in and congratulating her and offering her designs on dresses to wear and when is she due.
    • During his time as the Night Court representative to Ponyville, Blueblood apparently promised the same field to every farmer in Ponyville. And to Pinkie Pie's pet alligator.
  • In Don't Go By the River, just after a reunion between Trixie and her mother's ghost (long story):
    Crescent Starshine: So, about this whole aversion to sex you have...
    Trixie: Couldn't you have just killed me instead?
  • At the opening of Rime of the Ancient Pegasus, Silver Script declares he's not going to let letters go undelivered because of a bureaucratic demand, even getting into a Rousing Speech that gets everypony (and mouse) fired up. Then...
    Pony: Did we just start a mail war?
    Silver Script: Can't hear you. Basking in the moment.
    • Rimewind. Just... Rimewind. Several hundred years in Tartaros will do wonders for a gal's social skills, but between that, her Antiquated Linguistics and her general dorkery... just Rimewind.
  • From Nightmares Yet to Come:
    • At one point a member of a not-a-cult tells Greengrass he'd sooner break a priceless vase than hurt him. Almost immediately after he says this, there's the sound of something being smashed, and somepony else saying "oops", just loud enough to be heard.
    • As part of a negotiation with Corona, a pony presents to her a cake. Kindle is deeply suspicious of it.
      Kindle: What is that?
      Pony: Cake?
      Kindle: What's in it?
      Pony: Jam?
  • From In the Heat of the Moment:
    “My Night Court!” Luna bellowed, raising a hoof for silence. “My noble and generally loyal as long as somepony is watching ladies and gentlecolts!”


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