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  • Banned in China: "Legacy" almost got Yes banned in China, with the lyric about governments falling. This is why it appears as an instrumental on the Chinese release.
  • Creator Backlash: Neil hates "Was that what it was", as he stated once. And Chris dislikes "Hit and miss". A handful of examples of this, in fact.
  • Creator Breakdown: "Love Is A Catastrophe", about a particularly awful breakup; "It's A Sin" and "This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave" about the horrible time Neil had in Catholic school.
    • Behaviour is one of their moodiest and most downbeat albums as it was written and recorded after several friends of Chris and Neil were either diagnosed with or even died of AIDS, and the AIDS epidemic had been ravaging the gay community for nearly a decade at that point. As a result the majority of the album's lyrics deal with AIDS, grief or endings of various kinds.
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  • Creator Recovery: The album Very was more upbeat and exuberant than their prior albums, owing to singer/lyricist Neil Tennant being in love at the time. It is sometimes referred to as their "coming-out" album, as Tennant had begun openly discussing his homosexuality for the first time during this period.
  • Executive Meddling: "London" was only released as a single in Germany because EMI was wary about releasing a PSB song with the lyrics "Let's break the law!". And in "Casanova in Hell", the line "His ageing fate/To contemplate" once had another rhyme there. They never released "The Sodom and Gomorrah show" as a single as intended, because the song mentioned the word "Sodom", and the EMI feared it wouldn't be played on the radios.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: It Couldn't Happen Here, though they said in an interview they might put it on DVD. Their first four singles (from the Please album), which were only released on vinyl, although some of the songs of them were re-released in compilation albums such as Alternative and the Further listening album for Please.
  • Mondegreen: YMMV aside, a few are present in prominent official or semi-official places:
    • Tthe lyrics booklet with the Japanese release of Alternative makes a few (e.g. "I'm virgin, I'm ugly" rather than "verging on ugly").
    • PSB admit that they weren't sure what the "Go west" line rendered in their version as "the hustling, rustling just to feed" was actually supposed to be ("the hustling, rustling of the feet," apparently). It isn't nearly as bad as the demo, which renders the previous line ("Without rush, and the pace back east") as "We'll outrun all the power degrees" - it would seem that they did some more deciphering after recording the demo.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Stuart Price, the producer for Electric, Super and Hotspot was a big fan before working with PSB. He even cited them as his inspiration for getting into the music industry.

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