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  • California Doubling: The show is filmed throughout Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.
  • Channel Hop: The show is a Disney XD original but the first half of season one premiered on Disney Channel before Disney XD got it. After the mid-season break, the rest of season one aired on Disney XD...then Disney Channel aired those episodes a few months later.
  • Creators Odd Ball: While Steve Marmel has been a major player for action shows like Danny Phantom and Yin Yang Yo! , this is the only action show he was majorly involved in that's live action instead of animation.
  • Fake American:
    • Both Ali Liebert and Crystal Balint (Canadian) as Principal Kim Grey and Grace Walker.
  • Fan Nickname: The Big Bad was referred to as The Mastermind by some fans and in the closed captioning until the reveal of them being Seth Harper. This has lead to some confusion, as other fans referred to them as The Leader like Principal Grey did in the show.
  • God Never Said That: A Wikipedia edit that gave Spyder's real name as Connor Johnson gained traction as fact in the fandom despite there being no mention of it in the show, supplementary material, or by the creators. Some fans have claimed that Pearce Joza mentioned it in a Twitter Q&A. The original Wikipedia edit about the name was made on October 31st, 2016, but Joza only started doing Twitter Q&As about the show when it premiered on November 11th. Even then, there's no mention of the Connor Johnson name in his tweets so far.
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise: Merchandise previews at the New York Toy Fair 2017 revealed the Mech-Link wrist communicator and MECH-X4 taking an undersea excursion months before Let's Get Leo! aired. The show's version of the Mech-Link is much more streamlined and less "toy" like, while MECH-X4 did not have the benefit of combining with a battle submarine.
    • A bigger spoiler came from a fact sheet about the merch from Bandai for the Toy Fair. Two words: Harper's Monster.
  • The Cast Showoff: In Let's Survive in the Woods!, Mark does some sweet dance moves in MECH-X4 when the rest of the team is away on a freshman camping trip. Mark's actor, Raymond Cham, is a pro dancer in a crew called X-Mob and previously did background dancing in Disney Channel shows Jessie and Shake it Up.
  • The Merch: Toys of MECH-X4 (the robot, of course), the monsters that appear in the show, and roleplay gear for kids are coming from Bandai (who had earlier worked with Disney when they owned the rights to Power Rangers) to the US in August 2017 and were previewed during New York Toy Fair 2017. Feast your eyes!
  • Working Title: The title of the series was originally going to be MTX!, with the mech of course being named MTX. This would have also given it a Excited Show Title! to go with the Excited Episode Titles.

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