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  • The newscaster who constantly tries to pass Mech-X4 as a villain is named "Godfrey", similar to the name of a New Gods character, Glorious Godfrey, who has done the same.
  • DJ Live-Rat$z is likely a reference to deadmau5, though Live-Rat$z lacks a take on deadmau5's signature helmet.note 
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  • In Let's Get Some Air!, the scene where the team is hunted down by a crazed Harris via split scenes with the digital clock is a reference to the 24 TV series.
  • In Let's Get Our Robot Back!, Ryan, Harris, and Spyder sneak into Project Starry Night, a government agency searching for intelligent life in space, to use their satellites to find MECH-X4. This is a nod towards SETI, which isn't a government agency, but uses satellites to try and find intelligent life in the universe.
  • In Let's Go Clubbing!, the MECH-X4 Fan Club theory wall gives us two good ones noticed by Ryan and Spyder.
    Ryan: Why would someone draw MECH-X4 as a bunch of mechanical cats linked together?
    Spyder: Sentient cars from outer space? What is this?
  • In Let's End This! Part Two, Spyder taunts Seth Harper by calling him "Phony Stark".

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