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Trivia / Martyrs

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  • Banned in China: Almost got a +18 rating in France.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Even though the movie is supposed to take place in France, a francophone can tell that most of the actors are Quebecers passing as French people.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • Estonia: Witnesses
    • Turkey: Torture Chamber
  • Creator Breakdown: The movie's screenwriter, Pascal Laugier, has stated he wrote the screenplay while in a state of clinical depression, bordering on suicidal thoughts, and it really shows.
  • The Foreign Subtitle:
    • Poland: Martyrs: Doomed to Fear
  • Old Shame: The American remake was this for Blumhouse Productions, the production company behind the film. According to Bloodbath & Beyond, the Blumhouse Productions usually promote their own movies on their official website (which also acts as a news site for horror genre), but the one movie that they did not promote was the Martyrs remake they financed and produced. Not even a trailer, photo stills, poster nor press kits were posted on their website — as if they are distancing themselves away from the movie.


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