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Trivia / Kimber Lee

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  • Real Song Theme Tune:
    • (in Europe): Kavinsky's "Roadgame", Sumo Cyco's "Fighter"
    • (in CZW and independents): Puscifer's "The Undertaker [Renholdër Mix]"
    • (in independents): Audioslave's "Cochise"
  • Reality Subtext: Her dancing during her match with Heidi The Riveter (Heidi Lovelace) in Olde Wrestling led to the commentators suggesting that she must have a dance background. Kimberly Frankele does have a Ballet background and has worked as a Ballet instructor away from wrestling.
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  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: The closest thing anyone can find to a reason why her WWE career never took off is a story about her not looking after her roommate Tegan Nox during recovery from knee surgery, leading NXT to have to pay Kay Lee Ray to stay in Florida for several weeks after the Mae Young Classic instead. This got her in management's bad books, and she stopped being used half way through the tournament and then never showed up on NXT TV again. It should be noted that this story has been repeated a lot, but never confirmed by any wrestler around NXT at the time.
  • What Could Have Been: She was originally going to team with Los Ice Creams as The New Republicnote  at King of Trios 2018 but was unable to due to committing to a tour with the Japanese promotion Stardom. Kikutaro took her place.

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