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Film / Candy (2006)

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More is never enough.

Candy is a 2006 Australian drama film based on a novel by Luke Davies, directed by Neil Armfield and starring Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish, and Geoffrey Rush.

A poet named Dan (Ledger) meets an artist named Candice, aka Candy (Cornish). Their love is based on fierce passion, creativity, the joy of being together, and heroin. The film follows their life together as they struggle with love and addiction.

Not to be confused with the 2021 American film, also about heroin addicts.

This movie contains examples of:

  • Artistic Stimulation: Subverted. As Dan and Candy fall deeper and deeper into addiction, they do less and less of their art.
  • Auto Erotica: On their way out to their new home, Dan and Candy stop for a quickie.
  • Break Her Heart To Save Her: Dan knows that his relationship with Candy will just lead to them falling into addiction again, so he gives her up.
  • Dies Wide Open: Casper
  • Going Cold Turkey: Dan and Candy try it after she learns she's pregnant. It doesn't go well and it doesn't stick.
  • No Matter How Much I Beg: Candy, after three days of going cold turkey, calls Casper, leaving a long message begging for drugs, admitting that she'd told him to not do it no matter how much she begged...
  • Room Full of Crazy: Candy's poem to Dan, written across the walls of their house.
  • Street Walker: Candy starts off offering sexual favors to get the couple more money, moves on to a brothel, and is down to Street Walker by the end of the movie.

Alternative Title(s): Candy