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  • Award Category Fraud: By their own admission, BAFTA bent the rules for the first season; ordinarily it would only have been eligible for the International category, but it was nominated for Best Drama Series and four of the acting awards (plus several Craft awards, including Best Writer and Best Director) even though the rules state a show must have been broadcast in the UK first to qualify. BAFTA admitted they bent the rules because they considered it to be a British series despite that.
  • Award Snub: While Sandra Oh did win a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination, many fans and critics were outraged that Jodie Comer wasn't recognized at all by the Emmys for the show's first season.
    • It looks like Emmy voters listened as Comer was not only nominated but won Best Actress in a Drama for the show's second year.
  • The Cast Show Off: Jodie Comer, who as Villanelle speaks at least 4 languages (English, French, Italian, Russian) fluently and with perfect accents.note 
  • Fake Brit: Irish actor Fiona Shaw as the very English Carolyn Martens. Shaw wanted to use her own accent for the role, but it was pointed out that Irish people aren't allowed to work for MI5.
  • Fake Nationality: The Russian characters Villanelle and Konstantin are played by Brit Jodie Comer and Dane Kim Bodnia respectively.
  • Throw It In!: Jodie Comer confirmed that the champagne cork popping in a certain scene wasn't supposed to happen; her surprised reaction is genuine.
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  • Too Soon: Though a BBC show, it was originally released in the US in spring 2018 and was supposed to then be released in the UK a few weeks later at the start of the summer of 2018. This was quietly postponed a few months until autumn 2018 after a British woman was accidentally murdered in what is believed to be a Russian spy poisoning attack in early July (following other non-fatal poisonings in the UK in the spring) that some parts of the show could be seen as a bit too close to (specifically episode 2, with Sebastian's death being horrifyingly spot on right down to assassination weapon, container, and circumstance).


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