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This is the Trivia page for the original two Killer Instinct titles from the 1990s. For the 2013 reboot, see here.

  • Killer App: The SNES port of the original Killer Instinct helped push a lot of units thanks to the success the game found in the arcades. Additionally, the 2013 game is this for the Xbox One, and is generally considered to be one of the better exclusives for that specific console.
  • Sequel Gap: The last KI game to be released before the 2013 reboot was in 1996, making a seventeen-year gap between the two games.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: The first arcade fell into this by advertising for the "Ultra 64" long before it released, especially when sprouting the game would be for it. This was when the Nintendo 64 was still in development, but ran into problems that delayed it, so Rare decided to make a SNES version instead. They eventually did do one on the system for the second game.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Quite a few over the years. A popular one claimed that there was a mirror in T.J. Combo's stage that would let the player see Orchid's breasts if she performed her Flasher finishing move in front of it. Of course, no such mirror exists.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Killer Instinct (1994)
      • As the arcade version says when the game is beaten, Killer Instinct was originally going to be a Nintendo 64 exclusive, when it was still known as the Nintendo Ultra 64.
      • The game was originally meant to have a character customization feature, with players able to set their Power, Speed, and Defense stats, change their default color, and select finishers. A barcode would then be printed, which could be scanned by the machine to retrieve a player's custom character data.
      • In the original pitch, Orchid was going to a blonde acrobat named Wanda. The roster also included a wizard named Midas and a Bonus Boss, a Thunder God named Tremor.
      • Many characters had their names changed during development. Cinder had the most changes, going from names like "Pyrotech", "Heat Shade" ,"Meltdown", "Magma", and "Afterburner". Sabrewulf had "Newton" and "Werewolf". Thunder was "King Thunder", Spinal was "Argo", and Riptor was "Toxin". T.J. Combo's original name was the much more goofy "Mr. Fist", which is referenced in Cinder's trailer in KI 2013 and is an unlockable fight title for Cinder players.
      • Funky's Flights' theme was originally composed for Killer Instinct, as shown on this video.
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    • Killer Instinct 2
      • KI2 had a vampire character planned as one of its new entrants, but they were scrapped during development. The character's theme was salvaged and later used during the Count Batula sequence in Conker's Bad Fur Day. The series wouldn't get a vampire added to the roster until Mira's debut 20 years later.
      • Allegedly, a fully complete version of Killer Instinct 2 was developed for the SNES but never released.
  • Working Title: Killer Instinct originally went by the name of "Brute Force" when it was first pitched. A logo for the game called "Thriller Instinct" is also present in the game's files, which was possibly made just in case Nintendo's Never Say "Die" rule applied (surprisingly, it didn't).
  • The Wiki Rule: The Killer Instinct Wiki.


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