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This is the Awesome page for the original two Killer Instinct titles from the 1990s. For the 2013 reboot, see here.

  • Getting a C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER or an "ULTRAAA COMBOOOOO!!!" is always great. That announcer basically put Killer Instinct on the map - his voice resounding through the arcade is what kept the folks playing and the quarters rolling.
  • Some of the Ultimates are quite awesome, dipping slightly into Mortal Kombat territory with some brutal finishers. These range from Fulgore gunning his opponent down with a turret to Glacius absorbing them in a pool of acid.
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  • The character designs are so good, so 90s. Most of the cast are Expies of popular pop culture characters, from the Predator-inspired Fulgore to the Fantastic Four-inspired Cinder.
  • Several arcade mode endings have them overcoming their problems and learning to be the best they can be. Of special note is Sabrewulf realizing that there will never be a cure for his Lycanthropy. Rather than giving up hope of ever leading a better life, he makes peace with his beastly side and embraces the fact that as a werewolf, he's free from all restraints he previously had.
  • One for the series in general, but take a look over at the Crowning Music of Awesome tab sometime, and realize that this is probably one of the few fighting games to qualify for that page. Most fighters don't put a big premium on their soundtracks since that really isn't what most players come to a fighting game for; it's all about visuals and gameplay, so the music gets put on the back burner for most of them. Not only does KI consistently have a better soundtrack than any fighter really needs or deserves, but the sheer length of that page and the fact that these soundtracks routinely sell gangbusters numbers proves that they are some of the best soundtracks in gaming period.
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  • The end credits. Two randomly selected fighters on hard AI duke it out for your pleasure, while this plays. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the music, and watch the fireworks.


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