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  • Several champions' endings have them overcoming their problems and learning to be the best they can be. Of special note is Sabrewulf realizing that there will never be a cure for his Lycanthropy. Rather than giving up hope of ever leading a better life, he makes peace with his beastly side and embraces the fact that as a werewolf, he's free from all restraints he previously had.
  • Shadow Jago's got MANY reasons to be an Awesome Moment in and of himself:
    • First of all, while it wasn't a secret for long, lots of streamers were scrambling to find Shadow Jago's secret boss. As it turns out, you must get all three endings for the character of your choice and play that character again in Arcade Mode on Medium difficulty without losing a single match (not a round, just for clarification) just to REACH him. Once you successfully complete all those conditions, you skip right over Fulgore (maybe Shadow Jago destroyed him already?) and enter an 8th fight as a shadowy silhouette of Jago appears as your opponent with the name of "???".
    • Once you finally get to him, his intro already blows your mind. He ascends out of this weird shadowy void, before gently levitating back down. He snaps some shadow energy into his hands and shoots his opponent a dirty look.
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    • And then you start fighting him, and then you realize you're gonna have a bad time. He's no mere reskin of Jago with hard AI: he's got the hard AI, but with completely new moves, including a divekick, a Sub-Zero like slide, and double fireballs. He will whoop your ass the first time you fight him.
    • Assuming you're not unlucky enough to get hit with an Ultra or a normal move, Shadow Jago will put you out of your misery with a very, VERY unique animation called an "Ultimate Combo". That's right, Killer Instinct's bringing back finishing moves, and what better place to start than with a badass difficult boss? Shadow Jago dashes back and forth around his opponent, slicing them with his sword, before uppercutting them up in the air and pursuing them for one last slice before landing gently, as opposed to his opponent who just SMACKS onto the ground.
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    • Shadow Jago's victory pose begins with a scary zoom-in of his disgusted eyes, as parts of the Shadow Tiger's Lair collapse around him. He throws a Shadow Endouken towards his defeated opponent (in first-person). Assuming you were finished with the No Mercy above, you get a bone-chillingly simplistic noise, as a blood-stained and metalic "ULTIMATE" appear on screen.
    Announcer: Ulllltimaaaate...
    • All of his amazing boss attributes were later given to the playable "Real Boy Edition" of Shadow Jago between Season 2 and Season 3, including some extra tricks like teleporting divekicks and spinning sword uppercuts. While he does gain his own Ultra Combo like the rest of the cast (which many argue is the coolest Ultra, by the way), he even keeps his Ultimate, something that no other playable character has (a downgraded version of his Ultimate called "Annihilation" can also be used in Instinct Mode).
  • Most of the trailers are pretty awesome, but special mention goes to Aganos', which shows him Walking the Earth and tearing through the other fighters to chase down Kan-Ra. His theme Polemos blaring throughout it helps, and Kan-Ra's epic opening narration is just the icing on the cake.
    • Hisako's trailer is no slouch, either. Her beginning narration is incredibly tragic, and sets a slow pace...but, this being Killer Instinct, instantly picks up with Hisako promising to slaughter any who stand in the way of avenging her village, while her theme blares in the background. Another Moment of Awesome happens at the end of the trailer with Cinder getting teased.
  • Sleep NS Vs. My God at EVO 2015. The best comeback in Killer Instinct history
  • Not only is Season 3 happening, but Rash from Battletoads IS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER.
    • And Rash wasn't the only guest character, much like one of the devs promised. KI is also getting a Halo character: The Arbiter himself. Time will tell if he's the last for Season 3...
    • He's not. Enter General RAAM.
  • One for the series in general, but take a look over at the Crowning Music of Awesome tab sometime, and realize that this is probably one of the few fighting games to qualify for that page. Most fighters don't put a big premium on their soundtracks since that really isn't what most players come to a fighting game for; it's all about visuals and gameplay, so the music gets put on the back burner for most of them. Not only does Killer Instinct have a better soundtrack than any fighter really needs or deserves, but the sheer length of that page and the fact that these soundtracks routinely sell gangbusters numbers proves that they are some of the best soundtracks in gaming period.
  • For anyone who was afraid that Kim Wu wouldn't be saved from scrappydom by coming back to KI, all fears can be assuaged from her trailer. She nonchalantly kicks Shadow Jago's ass all while spinning her nunchucks like a badass and spouting one-liner after one-liner.
  • Tusk's trailer brings the old barbarian straight into the modern era in a big way. It starts solemnly as Tusk ruminates on how his immortality has caused him to lose his memories and the only friend he has left is his trusty blade, but once Omen lands next to him, he casts aside his brooding and proclaims in a loud voice that as the watchman of the gods, he's not going to stand by and let evil have its way. Cue a montage of Tusk beating the ever-loving crap out of Omen, Riptor, Spinal, and Kan-Ra as his theme plays in the background.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, for your viewing pleasure, the KI2013 Season 3 Launch trailer. Featuring such delightful reveals as the Shadow Lords mode where you undertake missions across the globe and fight other people's shadow characters, cross-play between the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the game, updated visuals on all stages and characters, new accessories and costumes, and the confirmation of Mira as a character and the world reveal of the return of Gargos himself! Now is the perfect time to get hype, my friends.
  • The Sanghelios stage ultra is truly a beautiful thing; if you do it right, you knock your opponent down only for them to get up and get one brief glimpse of the Banshee crashing towards them! At least, that's all they get to do before it squashes them flat.
  • After 22 years, Eyedol has returned at long last!
  • The end credits. Two randomly selected fighters on hard AI duke it out for your pleasure, while this plays. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the music, and watch the fireworks.
  • The Ultimates are back! Iron Galaxy are bring them back for 15 fighters save for Shadow Jago seeing how he has one already when he became a real fighter for Post Season 3 (Maybe Season 4) and the first to show it off? Jago as he gets new fighter Killgore in Danger state, he goes for a ultra, only after the 2nd hit the camera changes to Jago taking a badass stance before hitting three Laser Blades with the 3rd hit sending Killgore to the air before punching him back down. Only to finish him off with a Spirit Bomb-ese Endokuken that roasts Killgore before landing and striking his taunt pose minus shaking his head.
  • Usually intro quote combinations yield Funny Moments, as the Soul Series and Street Fighter IV pages can attest, but here they managed to unintentionally create a Badass Boast:
    General RAAM: Sssserve the Queen.
    Eyedol: I... serve... NO ONE!note 
  • The Post-Season 3 inclusion of Eagle. After years of him staying in the background of Killer Instinct Lore, he comes forth as a badass Archer.
  • Another Post-Season 3 character was introduced in the form of Shin Hisako. Taking up her father's sword, the guardian presence within clears Hisako's mind of the bloodthirsty haze that had clouded her mind as a vengeful specter. Now, she's got a clear head and is more than ready to take on those who would defile the graves of her village.


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