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  • Approval of God: If asked, Amoridere will give her approval on doing a version of her stories (one can be read here:[1] and another is on the way), saying she would like that.
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: She's working on this series, the Madgie series, Killerbunnies, and Kill la Kill AU, among other things. Suffice to say, she is rather distracted.
  • Author Phobia: What inspired the latter parts of the 20XX series.
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  • Bowdlerise: Amoridere changed up some of her stories in this series when she posted them on Archive of Our Own and she intends to post said bolderdised versions whenever she gets the chance.
  • Creator Breakdown: Arguably, this can be presumed to have inspired some of the events in the series
  • Doing It for the Art: Amoridere enjoys writing the series and does it out of enjoyment, just like she would with her other fan-fictions and original stories
  • Doorstopper: The entire series is about 343, 453 words long
  • Milestone Celebration: Gensokyo 20XXV's 100th chapter
  • Missing Episode / Banned Episode: Not so much banned per se, but Amoridere couldn't write the part about the warden raping Yukari in Gensokyo 20XXII because of site regulations, technically making it banned from that site, ergo missing, however, you could read it on Mibba, along with the sidestory The Warden's Lover where it described what she went through from her POV and is rated NC-17, the link of which no longer exists (though, she might give you a copy if you ask her).
  • Reality Subtext: In Gensokyo 20XXV, where Reimu gets a hold of rat poison was based off of a recent time when she had found her young nephew, who likes to get into things, with Windex, though that ended differently that what had happened in the story. Note 
    • Yume Ni beating up or otherwise fighting with the other kids is based on the fact that she does not have a good relationship with her siblings. In chapter 82, where she was stabbed with a pair of scissors highlighted the fact further in what partially motivated her to write was a spat she had with her sister.
    • There is also that part where Tenshi says, "You hit me, I'll hit your ass back!" which based on a couple of instances with her relatives, namely her sisters, more specifically the younger one.
    • Some of Reimu's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Baka was based off of something she wanted tell to her older brother, the relationship with whom is strained.
  • Recursive Adaptation: She based the first story off of a piece of fanart by a dA user by the name of Rhodie-The-Night Blade titled, Gensokyo 20XX: Rise of Earth. Said image is also the page image.
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  • Ripped from the Headlines: Gensokyo 20XXIII was written while the authoress was thinking about that whole thing between North Korea and America and the conflict in relation to nuclear warheads. This is referenced in the first chapter.
  • Schedule Slip: Occasionally from time to time, due to site issues, as well as some personal and time issues but she is always quick to update as soon as the time arises. Apparently, some chapters take some time to write.
    • She tends to update Foundling sporadically, with weeks or months going between chapters, though this is mostly because .
  • Word of God: If asked, Amoridere will happily answer any questions to help anyone enjoy the series.
  • Write What You Know / Shown Their Work: Apparently, being that she is mostly on a computer, Amoridere puts a lot of research into her stories as can be seen the cases of the Canon and Fanon of the Touhou Project, mental illnesses, as well as symptoms of thereof. Of course, said knowledge causing her take up a psychology class at some point, expanding upon it, Reimu's upbringing in an fairly unstable environment with what can be considered the hallmarks to a Dysfunctional Family and or a Big, Screwed-Up Family, as she's noted herself, mythology, and many more things.
  • Write Who You Know: Amoridere stated that some of Reimu's mannerisms were based off of her then toddler niece, more specifically her saying, "Nuh." Actually, she's based much of the toddlers' mannerisms off of said niece.
    • She also stated that Yuyuko is affectionately based off of her mother.Note 
    • Apparently, Chen's tantrums in The Tantrum Phase were based off a niece of hers, except minus the hitting.
    • The fact that Chen learned about sex from a book was inspired by herself, when she was younger, and her nieces and nephews, who are apparently more worldly.
    • She states that whenever she writes a bully or antagonistic child, she usually bases it off of one if not both her younger sisters, in which case her sisters may have served as an inspiration for Yume Ni.
    • Reimu's later personality changes is an expression of her own pessimism and fatalism.
  • What Could Have Been: Amoridere originally planned for the ending of Gensokyo 20XXIV to be similar to The Triplets of Belleville.
    Amoridere: [...]the ending is narrated from Reimu's POV , it will have implied that she and Ran are absent (think the ending from The Triplets of Belleville. which can be found on youtube). Also, she hears their voices and responds to them.
    • Also, said original ending was supposed to happen much much later in the future, when Reimu would have been full grown.
      • Gensokyo 20XXIV would have been the final in the series but something motivated her to write on.
    • A nickname for Shinmyoumaru was suppose to be "Shinny" or "Shinmy" but when she said either of the two, it sounded very close to "Shitty" and "Shitin' me", so she changed it Shimmy.
    • In Gensokyo 20XXIV, Ren would have passed away but she asked someone's opinion on it and decided he should live, seeing that Ran has already lost some of babies.
    • Initially, Satori's fate was supposed to remain unknown after her chapter in Gensokyo 20XXIV but then she decided to have her brought back later.
    • In Gensokyo 20XXIII, Seija and Yuyuko not getting along would have been used a comedic device but it is unknown as to why it wasn't, though it could have something to do with the fact that she forgot and or found it would take up too much of the story.
    • In Gensokyo 20XXI, she would have made it where Ran passes away in childbirth but decided against it.
    • Originally, in Gensokyo 20XXII, the origin of Kaguya wearing one shoe larger than the other was supposed to be explained as that being the first thing she's brought, as well as the fact that someone told her it was fashionable, which is supposed to be play naivete in that she believed it, thinking it to be part of Outside World customs.
    • Originally, Maribel would have debuted in Life in Gensokyo Village as a baby that Yuyuko would have found and had given to Yukari to adopt her.
      • Similarly, on the note of Maribel and Yukari, it was supposed to brought up that two look almost as if they could be related and the origins thereof but she decided she couldn't really find a place for that and figured it was better that way.
    • Originally, Reimu's lullaby in 20XXV, chapter 113, was supposed to be Gaelic (much like Cheza's) but she couldn't find a translator

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