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Shout Out / Gensokyo 20XX

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Gensokyo 20XXI and 20XXII

  • The flashback scenes and where the characters are responding to absences voices almost near reminiscent to the ending of The Triplets of Belleville
  • That isn't the only reference to the aforementioned movie, Kaguya wears a large shoe, similar to Madame Souza
  • Yuuka speaking in British accent, sound familiar?
  • An obvious one would be the shout out to Tosca
  • Towards the end, we have Yukari emptying s gun in a wall of mirrors, much like Baby-Doll did in that BTAS Episode.
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  • A subtle one is from when the When the Wind Blows where Yuuka is panicking about a deathly white hand, much like how Hilda was panicking about a rat.

Gensokyo 20XXIII

  • To When the Wind Blows and the film gets a passing reference in Chapter 6, when Yukari suggests on building an inner core or refuge. Similarly, Ran, like Hilda, did point out that there really isn't enough room for more than two.
    • Another one would be Sakuya holding out for emergency services.
  • Another one would be a shoutout to This Is the End where Seija eats half of their rationed food and used some of their rationed water to bathe.
    • Also what Yuyuko says about her in her narration
    Yuyuko: The little fucker's gained weight.
  • Also, again to The Triplets of Belleville, when Ran responds to an absent Yukari's voice, like Champion responded to an absent Madame Souza's voice.


Gensokyo 20XXIV


Gensokyo 20XXV

Gensokyo Diaries

  • Some of Ran and Yukari's diary entries are shoutouts to the live action adaption of Animal Farm and the character Jessie (who's narrating parts of the movie), which was playing the background, as Amoridere was writing.
    • Yuuka's is even more of shoutout, in that she would sound almost identical.

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