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  • Creator's Apathy:
    • Aside from Mykan's "I get it, I just don't like it" mentality, he admitted himself that the MLP segments of the Teen Titans crossovers are there, for the most part, so he can put Teen Titans stories up on FiMFiction. Downplayed with DARKNESS OF DIMENSIONS since Spike is one of Mykan's Dark Angels solely because he fits his criteria for "sympathetic characters", but other than that, the rest still applies.
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    • Mykan outright admitted the reason for the utterly backward rules the Dark Prognosticus has (See What an Idiot! in the YMMV tab for details) was because if he didn't have the book work that way, then he wouldn't have a plot. Showing how little he actually cared about the backstory.
  • Creator's Favorite:
    • Mykan's favorite OC in this series is Helper Soul for refusing Night Light's friendship, even though a bunch of his other OCs also refuse friendship. He says it's because "if Helper forgave Night Light it wouldn't make things better".
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    • Just like usual, Mykan's favorite characters from the series he uses are Beast Boy, Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya, Amari Nobunaga, and Spike as they all fit his views of what makes a "sympathetic character" to him and him alone. As such, they are made into his Dark Angels to punish those with good outcomes in life. Nobunaga is an especially egregious case as he only appeared in four chapters/one episode of his home series and hasn't been seen since.
  • Creator's Pest:
    • Much like his other works involving My Little Pony, Mykan makes it absolutely clear that he utterly despises the entire cast of Friendship is Magic for various reasons (with the obvious exception of Spike). And also like those fics, he really has it out for Twilight, Rarity and Princess Cadeence in particular.
    • He also dislikes the cast of Digimon Adventure 02 due to the constant jokes in the dub at Davis' expense. He especially dislikes Kari for not hooking up with him, and TK solely because of Die for Our Shipinvoked.
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    • To round out the trio of shows he hates all but one of the cast of, the Teen Titans are this for getting mad at Beast Boy. Raven especially gets it due to her and BB's scenes often involving her getting annoyed at him for saying or doing something stupid, and Mykan thinks those instances far outweigh anything good she's ever done.
  • Dear Negative Reader:
    • Shortly after posting the chapter of END OF ENDS where Flurry Heart was killed by Count Logan and the incredibly negative response to it, Mykan released a blog defending his actions and decrying all the people who complained. He was... incredibly callous about it.
    • The ending of Write of Way and the author's note at the end are essentially the author giving the finger to everyone who doesn't like his writing.
  • Recycled Script: Helper Soul is basically a rehash of previous character traits from earlier stories.
    • A good chunk of stuff from Beast Boy in Equestria happens in the FIF version of END OF ENDS pretty much note for note.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Zigzagged; While Mykan had always intended for Flurry to die by getting her head ripped off, he initially wrote it as her and Shining Armor dying in the explosion that destroyed Equestria. Apparently, he did it to "prove that it wouldn't change anything and that people would still mock him". He later changed it back to the original head-ripped-off version, but a remnant of the version where Flurry and Shining die in an explosion is still there when Shining is mentioned after he's already died.
    • The Friendship is Failure version of END OF ENDS was originally supposed to have a revised ending where Beast Boy lives, but runs out on everyone and rejects their apologies, but Mykan decided against it.
    • Similarly Beast Boy in Equestria was supposed to end with the Titans refusing to apologize to Beast Boy causing Beast Boy to abandon EVERYONE and Twilight giving a "Reason You Suck" Speech to the Titans. Once again Mykan changed his mind because he couldn't resist the chance to kill off Beast Boy.
    • One of the original ideas for Darkness of Dimensions was that Cadance would be indirectly responsible for all of the misfortune that Beast Boy and Davis faced. Described in a blog post, Cadance found a way to avoid having bad things happening to her. But as a consequence, the darkness (bad luck) would instead affect one of the boys.
    • Prior to the Cosmic Retcon that ends Darkness of Dimensions, Mykan considered ending the story with the Dark Angels not being erased from history, but with the rest of the cast having to deal with the fallout. This would've included, among other things, Terra being sent to jail for perjury.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Mykan has fully admitted he came up with the premise of Darkness of Dimensions before coming up with the plot and a good chunk of the story was made up as he wrote it. He even had to take a hiatus while he thought up an endgame.

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