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Fridge / Friendship is Failure

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Fridge Logic

  • In Beast Boy in Equestria, Changeling is said to be Beast Boy's Equestrian counterpart. Ignoring the fact there's no way for Equestria Girls and Teen Titans to exist in the same universe, there are several things that conflict with what Equestria Girls established about the counterparts.
    • For starters, why do Changeling and Beast Boy have different names when all the other counterparts have the same names as each other?
      • To be fair, Beast Boy has gone by Changeling before in the comics. Then again, assuming that Mykan knows this is probably giving him too much credit.
    • Changeling and Beast Boy have completely different backstories despite the fact that for the most part, the Equestria Girls counterparts are relatively the same with a few minor alternations.
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    • Changeling is an evil monster compared to Beast Boy even though, for the most part, the counterparts stayed on the same side of the morality scale.
  • How the hell did Ath Lita force Talon Ted to go to college when college is voluntary and how is she supposed to enforce her threat of hitting him with a baseball bat unless he goes? She can't hit him forever!

Fridge Horror

  • It is highly unlikely even Gennai would be alive in the aftermath of DARKNESS OF DIMENSIONS for a key reason; notice something very important about who gets erased; TK, Matt, and Izzy. Seems innocent at first glance, until you realize these three in particular alongside Tai are the sole reason why Diablomon was defeated in Our War Game. Even if we're being completely generous by not having it so the DigiDestined simply get axed off by Devimon by virtue of no Angemon existing, with absolutely no means of forming Omegamon and no means of slowing down Diablomon's absurd speed by virtue of Izzy also being erased, Diablomon's nuclear holocaust will happen and nobody is going to be able to stop it; literally all of the DigiDestined will perish to Diablomon's onslaught against the real world in one foul swoop. Talk about the mother of all Downer Endings...